Sparkonix’s customised EDMs to serve your specialized applications!

Sparkonix is a leading manufacturer of Electric Discharge or Spark Erosion Machines and has been leading the way in multiple applications across industries. One of Sparkonix’s highly innovative solutions in this domain is fully customised EDMs for specialised applications. The customers asked for it! Sparkonix offers a full range of EDMs catering to a variety … Read more

The secrets to moulding perfect pens!

Behind every well moulded pen body, lies a perfect cooling mechanism within the mould. Sparkonix EDM Drills are leading the way in core pin drilling applications, which is critical to perfecting the cooling mechanism in pen moulds. Plastic Pen moulds have multiple cavities and come with a cooling assembly. The quality, in terms of strength … Read more

Sparkonix’s Tyre Mould EDMs open new opportunities for Mould manufacturers in India

In another first, Sparkonix introduces a new range of specialized EDMs for Tyre Mould manufacturing. The demand for spark erosion technology in Tyre Mould manufacturing is expected to grow with greater use of advanced mould materials and shift towards two-piece moulds by tyre manufacturers. Sparkonix launched its Tyre Mould EDM range at the recently held … Read more

Imported EDMs gone defunct?

Get it back in action with Sparkonix’s refurbishment services India imports over 50% of its metal cutting and finishing machines. Machines from China, Taiwan, Korea and other South East Asean countries forms a major chunk in the overall imports. EDMs are of course not an exception, with several small and mid-sized manufacturers opting for these … Read more

Sparkonix invited for a workshop on latest trends in spark erosion machining

Sparkonix’s team was invited by Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions, Kolhapur, to speak at a workshop on “Current Research Trends and Scope in Electrical Discharge Machining.” The workshop focused on awareness & knowledge up gradation among student about EDM Machine Technology and its applications in Hard die shape development. Speaking ot the students, Mr. Sudesh Durugkar, … Read more

Your First Choice for Spark Erosion

Sparkonix Launches the first ‘Made in India’ CNC EDM Drill Machine Unmatched Features with Unmatched Value! – FG 260 Cast structures – T–Slot table (Grade Zero) for placement of workpiece – Form & fit Linear motion Guide ways with AC servo system for X,Y, Z, W axis – Precision ball screw with pre-loaded angular contact … Read more

EDM Spark Erosion Machine Maintenance Checklist

Start-up Check List for your Sparkonix Machine after the Corona Lockdown Welcome back to machining! But, read this before you restart the Machines! Performance and reliability are at the core of Sparkonix’s Machines. A ‘restart’ after a long gap is a critical juncture for your factory. If the machines are pressed into operations without some … Read more

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