Versatile EDMs, Innovative Service, Sparkonix’s mantra for success in FY17

The year 2017, has been the year of change for the Indian industry on multiple fronts. From the economy getting back on its feet to some solid action in industry 4.0, rays of massive changes of the future are already peeping through FY18. In line with changing needs and expectations of the customers, Sparkonix identified and focused on developing two game changing innovations in FY17. These innovations in the areas of technology and service, launched in FY17, are already creating huge impact for its customers.

Versatile EDMs to deliver greater productivity and better quality
The demand for improvements in productivity and quality is perpetual. However, breakthrough improvements are relatively rare. In FY17, Sparkonix’s launched its new range of CNC EDM Drills that deliver precision and significantly higher repeatability as compared to manual EDM Drills offering huge productivity gains to the customers. Moreover, the indegenous developed CNC EDM Drills come at an affordable price and are backed by Sparkonix’s trusted service support. With addition of several new applications, Customers also benifited from Sparkonix’s expanding range of customised EDMs. Sparkonix is one of the few companies around the world to manufacture customised EDMs. Designed to suit the specific needs of your applications, Customised EDMs, deliver a significant improvement in quality of jobs and productivity in manufacturing.

Innovations to deliver instant service
With ever shortening delivery timelines, even the slightest downtime of machine can lead to a loss of an order. Loss of productivity, however small, is increasingly unacceptable to customers. In FY17, Sparkonix invested in highly advanced technology – ‘Attendme’ to create, track and resolve service requests using cloud, email and SMS support.¬†Using a simple App installed on their cellphone, Operators at the Customers end can now instantly get in touch with the Sparkonix’s experts in the service team for all their queries and service needs, to significantly reduce the unscheduled downtimes of machine.

Stay Ahead with Sparkonix
In FY18, Sparkonix aims to take its new technology and further expand the innovative service platform to all its customers. ‘Customers are our primary engines of growth, and we will continue to invest in high impact initiatives to help them adapt to changes of the future ahead of time’, says Shailesh Patwardhan, Director of Sparkonix (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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