Success Stories from Across India

Sparkonix launched it’s first yearbook ‘Impressions’ at the IMTEX 2015. The yearbook captures the latest trends and insights from Sparkonix’s customers across the country and includes interviews and success stories of 45 customers, large and small, from 27 Cities/Towns in India. The second edition of the yearbook ‘Impressions 2017’ was launched at the recently held IMTEX in Jan 2017.

EDM Drill

North India

New Delhi


For inquiries please get in touch:
Sudesh Durugkar | Contact: +91 99605 94649

For inquiries please get in touch:
Sudesh Durugkar | Contact: +91 99605 94649

NIKE Energy, Solan

Sparkonix EDMs for manufacturing high precision parts in Aircraft!

NIKE Energy is a leading designer and manufacturer of power generation, transmission equipment and specialist components for Aero Engine Parts. NIKE Energy has been growing from strength to strength in a highly niche market. But with intense competition, maintaining quality and cost competitiveness is critical to growth and success.

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NIKE Energy’s first EDM

Sparkonix’s team met NIKE Energy when they were exploring a solution for manufacturing small, high precision components used in aircraft. Sparkonix’s EDMs was chosen for being a perfect fit, in terms of both, precision and price, to serve the high precision requirements in aerospace.

Sparkonix EDMs for manufacturing high precision parts in Aircraft!

Sparkonix’s legacy in Aerospace industry

Sparkonix has a long standing legacy of serving the aerospace industry. From OEMs such as Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. to several mould manufacturers that supply parts and components for aircraft, Sparkonix’s machines are used by a wide range of manufacturers in the Aerospace industry. Sparkonix’s extensive reference list of OEMs and suppliers in the Aerospace industry further impressed the NIKE Energy’s team.
Today, Sparkonix’s EDM is successfully supporting NIKE Energy’s production for specialist aerospace parts.


Micro Turners

Standing true to the trust!

The team at Micro Turners selected Sparkonix’s EDMs after thorough review and solid recommendations from existing customers. Manohar Singh Bisht of Micro Turners shares how Sparkonix’s machines and support have come to earn their total trust, in every aspect.
Established in 1969, Micro Turners is one of the oldest integrated automotive component manufacturers in India. Today, the company has 12 plants, with 2 more coming up soon, to manufacture precision automotive components.

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Experience of using Chinese/Taiwanese Machines

The most attractive point for these machines is the cost. However, in my opinion, the hidden costs in terms of lower reliability in performance, lack of after sale support, higher spare costs outweigh the savings in initial costs. The problem in case of Chinese/Taiwanese machines is we often have to wait for a long time to receive spares or resolve the issues. In today’s world, quick response is a must.

I will rate Sparkonix 10/10 for finishing quality and after sales support.
Manohar Singh Bisht, Micro Turners

Choosing Sparkonix’s EDM

As a practice, we always speak to 2-3 clients of the machine manufacturers before buying any machine. With Sparkonix too, we made it a point to talk to some of their recent clients. With really good reviews on Sparkonix’s EDM from them, we decided to place an order. The machine was delivered by Sparkonix in a very short time, which was another key advantage to us.

Performance of EDMs

The finishing quality achieved on Sparkonix’s EDMs is very good. More importantly, Sparkonix’s after sales service is quick to respond to all our queries. After all, this is what a client expects from the machine provider.


Ellora Engineering

Marking the best finish, in the fastest time!

Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you unique. But its the intricate and delicate numbers stamped in the jewellery that actually mark up the uniqueness of each piece. Jagdish Sain, owner of Ellora Engineering in Ludhiana speaks to us on the role of EDMs in punching the intricate numbers on marking tools and hand punches.

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Role of EDMs

We provide stamps for marking on jewellery. Our scale of operations is small but the task at hand is very intricate one. Over 50% of our work is dependent on CNC and ZNC machines. Precision is non-negotiable in our business. The best possible finishing and faster operations are key to our quality and profitability, respectively.

Choosing Sparkonix’s EDMs

We use Sparkonix’s machines for finishing operations, where precision is highly critical. Out of the four machines that we have, Sparkonix’s ZNC EDMs have the lowest current rating of 1 A. Lower the current rating of a ZNC machine, better is the finishing quality. With Sparkonix’s ZNC EDMs we can easily engrave block lettering with sizes as small as 0.25 mm. We are very satisfied with the performance.

With Sparkonix’s ZNC EDMs we can easily engrave block lettering with sizes as small as 0.25 mm.
Jagdish Sain, Ellora Engineering


Lumax Industries Ltd

Lighting the Spark

Lumax – the name signifies ‘LUMINOSITY MAXIMA’ for today’s demanding automobile users. This Indian company has taken Automotive lighting to an entirely new level. Today Lumax accounts for over 60% market share in the Indian Automobile Lighting Business, catalyzed by over two decades of strong technical and financial collaboration with Stanley Electric Company Ltd, Japan, a world leader in lighting and illumination products for Automobiles.

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Lumax Industries offers a wide array of complete Automobile Lighting Systems and Solutions, which includes; stellar quality Head Lamps and Tail Lamps, Sundry and Auxiliary Lamps and other related products and accessories for Four Wheeler, Two Wheeler, Trucks, Buses, Earth-movers, Tractors and a variety of diverse applications.

Lighting the Spark

From a tool room point of view the turnaround time is very aggressive and machines must deliver high performance.
“Most of our moulds are imported from Japan. We use Sparkonix’s EDM to perform the maintenance of these moulds. The quality of finish is very critical for us. The moulds, being imported, are very costly and thus we need a very robust trustworthy machine while working”, says Mr. Ranbir Rawal – the man in-charge of the tool room.

The productivity and quality is extremely important to this highly busy factory serving Hero Motors, Hyundai and Honda. The EDM in the tool room has to deliver a perfect finish in the first go. “The EDM from Sparkonix has been serving us really well. It just needs routine maintenance to keep giving superb results”, adds Mr. Ranbir on performance of the EDM from Sparkonix.

A flawless machine delivering consistent results for us since the past 7 years!
Ranbir Rawal, Lumax Industries Ltd


Autonix Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd.

LEaDing the Lighting!

From the manual die making days to completely automated machining, Mr. Mukherjee of Autonix is the man who has seen it all. With a rich experience of three decades in dies and moulds for the watch and defence industries, he is a knowledge powerhouse. His stint at Autonix has seen the company growing from just a couple of machines to a full-fledged auto component manufacturer later successfully diversifying into manufacturer of LED lighting.

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Under his leadership the company has evolved from manufacturing; of high quality metal components to taken a step ahead with forward integration into high Energy saving LED Lighting. Autonix gives lighting solutions for home , street, city, commercial complexes, offices, entertainment and schools that helping environment. Each product has gone through an extensive research for the design that should appeal most consumers taste and quality checked to give the more value at a lesser cost. Autonix LED lighting focuses on innovative ways of using light and harping on technology, sustainability and intelligences as the core value in LED.

On the key trends in dies and moulds

Quality at competitive price is the mantra. I am, in particular, an advocate of appropriate technology. It’s a fast changing world.
For instance, even as CFLs were settling down in the market, there is a wave of LEDs. It has become difficult to spot the trends – separate the signal from the noise. The same is true even for manufacturing. There is a new technology around the corner, every day. One has to evaluate what’s best for you in terms of adding maximum value to your business. We have tried to follow it in everything we do. It has helped us create value for our customers.
The speed has almost doubled. Earlier we had machines with 50 Strokes/ min, but today the minimum speed we have is 120 Strokes/ min. The materials too are changing from brass to stainless steel, for instance.

Our target is to manufacture all parts of LEDs from diffusers, to PCBs in India and reduce our dependency on imports. We are going for VMC and advanced EDMs in view of growth.

From your vast experience, how do you think the customer expectations are changing over the years?

A dominant trend from die, mould manufacturing perspective is the increasing importance of aesthetics. It will be a decisive trend in near future.
Very soon, all other factors like aggressive timelines, better quality lower price are hygiene parameters.

What matters most in an EDM?

Three factors determine the performance of EDMs – MRR, time of operation and the finish that you can achieve. For our business, finish matters the most as the parts are tiny and have relatively complex profiles. The quality of end product earns us our customer base and the finish of dies and moulds determines the aesthetics of our end products.

On Choosing Sparkonix

For our first EDM, we had a very elaborate evaluation process scanning through number of manufacturers, both Indian as well as imported. I personally, visited the set-ups of some of the companies to assess their commitment to what they were pitching. We shortlisted Sparkonix in view of the solution’s feedback from this region and after seeing the machine in action at some of it’s clients.
After using Sparkonix’s EDM, we have not really felt the need to evaluate any other supplier. The performance of the machine has been good, along with service support. We are expecting the delivery of a ZNC EDM from Sparkonix in a couple of weeks.

Sparkonix excelled in our tests in a way that now we totally trust their technology
Mr. Mukherjee, Autonix Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Expo Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.

Legacy of Excellence

Expo’s passion to grow is evident as you speak to its young and dynamic Managing Director – Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal. With more than 10 years of experience in EDM machining and an equal experience in Graphite CNC Machining, EXPO has a Dedicated Tool Room And Machine Shop to supply Toyo Tanso Graphite, Copper Impregnated Graphite, Graphite Blocks etc.
The combined set-up of 30+ machines which includes VMCs, Wire cut EDMs, EDMs, ZNC EDMs, Drills and milling machines, speaks volumes about its capabilities.

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On meeting clients’ expectations

Our customers include the who’s who of specialized manufacturers such as ABB, L&T, Honeywell etc. Working for these customers means maintaining the highest level of quality and continuous innovation to match the speed of their developments. The quality of our set-up matters a lot in this context.

Working for global customers means maintaining the highest level of quality and continuous innovation to match the speed of their developments. The quality of our set-up matters a lot in this context.

Growth has been our focus for the past few years. Back in 1982, we were one of the first companies to set the manufacturing facility in Noida. From serving Maruti in its early days to being on the forefront of product development for some of the leading companies in the world, we have seen it all. We now want to leverage this vast experience and expertise to take the next leap of growth.

How is your experience with the Sparkonix EDMs?

Well, we chose Sparkonix for the features, service and quality. It’s an Indian machine tools manufacturer with a long legacy in EDM technology. Initially, we did face some problems with the EDMs, but the Spakonix’s service team has been supportive and helped us to sail through the challenges. This has made us to stick around and continue buying from Sparkonix. After all, along with the machine it’s also the people behind the machine on whom you place the trust.

As we have grown, Sparkonix has been our trusted partner in scaling up the operations
Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal, Expo Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.


Motherson Techno Tools Ltd.

Partnering the Global Achiever

Motherson Techno Tools is a part of Samvardhana Motherson Group, one of the largest auto component manufacturers in India. With over 140 plants, 65,000 employees and presence in 25 countries, the Group is one of the fastest growing and dominates the auto component supply eco system.
Motherson Techno Tools Limited (MTTL) is a joint venture between Samvardhana Motherson Group and Sumitomo Electric Industries (Japan) (SEI), for the manufacture and sale of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) and Polycrystalline Diamonds (PCD) Cutting Tools. Sumitomo Electric Industries is the world leader in the field of CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) & PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) Cutting Tools.

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Mr. Dhawan has been working with the Motherson Group in different capacities for more than a decade now. He comes with three decades of rich experience in manufacturing with key responsibilities at companies such as Mahle Group, Daewoo Motors and Escorts. Sparkonix’s connection with Mr. Dhawan goes back to the Escort days, where he had first seen the EDMs in action.

In machine tool vendors, we seek partners who are keen to work with us to drive better performance, together.

What are some of the key trends in machine tools?

Of late we are feeling the need to optimize our manpower. We prefer automation because an automatic machine helps us control the labor costs and reduce the human errors. We are making investments in high end automation for this very reason.

And specifically, what are your plans for EDM machines?

Well, our task involves cutting diamonds and carbides which needs very robust and accurate machining at all stages. Currently we are using wire cut EDMs from Walmar, Fanuc and Mitsubishi. We have an EDM Drill from Sparkonix. We plan to add one or two machines in the EDM portfolio in view of our expansion plans.

What are the challenges for 2015?

As far as industry is concerned, the pressure to reduce price is huge. Thanks to our niche products we were in a sellers’ market till recent times. However, with greater competition in the market even players like us have to maintain our edge and be on our toes. Reducing our input costs is another area to focus.

Your take on Chinese and Taiwanese machine tools

Till now we have not bought any Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean machines. We have been using machines mostly from Japanese or German manufacturers. From the 50 odd machines that we have in this facility, we just use a couple of machines from Indian manufacturers that include Macromatic, HMT and Sparkonix.

What would you say to Indian machine tool manufacturers?

Partnership is the key. We have partnered with some machine tool manufacturers to provide data, structured feedback and help improve the design and performance of their products. Machine tool manufacturers must reach out to their customers and strike partnerships to gain insights into ways and means to develop a better product. As customers we are always happy to give feedback.

Sparkonix is one of the only three Indian make machines that we use. Most of our other machines are imported from Germany and Japan
Mr. Dhawan, Motherson Techno Tools Ltd.


Shakti Groups

Finding the Golden Mean

A specialist in plastic blow and injection moulds for automotive industries, Shakti Engineering Works has been in the business for the last two decades. The second generation now manages the operations, development and marketing with guidance from the founders. We speak to Devender Sharma who heads the development and operations.

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The right balance of features, speed and operator friendliness is critical in machine tools. Features like hand pendant introduced in Sparkonix’s ZNC EDM are a step ahead in that direction.

“Plastic injection moulding has been our forte. Today, as Tier I vendors, we cater to all major automotive companies in NCR such as Hyundai, Hero Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra etc.”, says Mr. Devender. Shakti Groups has three units in Gurgaon dedicated to mould making, plastic injection moulding and related job work.

On the challenges in delivering plastic injection moulded parts for automotive sector

The use of plastics is increasing everywhere, more so in the automobiles. From gear-box-casings to mirrors and doors – everything is made of plastic. As the parts got complex, so have the moulds and the mould-making process.

However, the time to deliver moulds is shortening. Earlier 45-60 days was acceptable but today the customers demand 15 days’ turnaround. We are gearing up our facilities to match this aggressive timeline.

On choosing Sparkonix

We already had two EDMs from Sparkonix and have recently added a ZNC EDM to our portfolio. Overall, Sparkonix’s price, features and quality of output offered a compelling value proposition for us. With Sparkonix, we have found the golden mean.

Accurate performance for critical moulds at competitive cost, that is Sparkonix for me!
Mr. Devender Sharma, Shakti Groups


Shivam Techno

The Engine of Growth

Pradeep Malhotra is a veteran in the manufacture of Dies and moulds. In a vast experience spanning over three decades, he has earned the reputation of the go-to-man in Gurgaon for the most challenging dies and moulds. And rightly so, all you need to do is just take a look at his shop floor. The sheer complexity of dies and moulds in his shop floor located at the industrious Gurgaon will amaze you with the scale and variety this man can deliver.

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Today, as our customers face competition from across the globe, we to are competing globally. Clearly, the performance in terms of cost and quality has to match the global levels.

Equipped with ten EDMs from Sparkonix, Shivam Techno has been catering to the growing demand from the leading auto component manufacturers in NCR, Pantnagar etc. Here are the excerpts from the discussion:

On the changing landscape of die and mould making

When I had started two decades back, the level of expectations were completely different. Today, as our customers face competition from across the globe even we too are competing globally. Clearly, the performance in terms of cost and quality has to match the global levels.
The size of your shop, machines that you have are immaterial. All that matters is how you deliver on quality and at what price. It is an exciting time!

On choosing Sparkonix

My association with Sparkonix goes back to two decades. We bought our first EDM in 1995 from Sparkonix and kept adding one or two EDMs every alternate year. Practically, Sparkonix has been the engine of our growth. The features in Sparkonix EDM have kept increasing while the price actually got more attractive. This is rare in machine tool industry where manufacturers try to charge premium on every new feature, whether useful or not.
It is amazing that even the first EDM that we bought is not just in operation but delivers best results in terms of MRR and finish even today. And all this with minimal maintenance. On the lighter note, I keep telling my folks that this EDM from Sparkonix and me are the oldest members of Shivam Techno.

My bond with Sparkonix is 10 EDMs strong and 22 years long!
Mr. Pradeep Malhotra, Shivam Techno


Shri Balaji Engineers

Shaping Intricate Moulds

What started as a small job work unit has grown to become a specialized mould making workshop. Shri Balaji Engineering is the go-to-shop in Delhi for all kinds of difficult jobs. An ace solution provider, Mr. Suresh Sharma has solved challenges faced by everyone – the tool room managers in MNCs to one-man machine shops in the tiny industrial estates of Delhi.

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We are expected to deliver bigger moulds at faster speed while delivering better quality for a lower price

It is difficult to meet Mr. Suresh Sharma and leave without being energized, thanks to his infectious zeal for problem solving. The man has been working in the mould machining field for over two decades and is ever ready to take on new challenges. Just like the intricate mould that he turns around for the clients, his talk too, is filled with many practical intricacies of mould making.

On the changing expectations from mould manufacturers?

We are expected to deliver bigger moulds at faster speed while delivering better quality for a lower price.
To match these expectations we now have tuned all our infrastructure, manpower, processes and operations to extract best value for money. Everything matters, from space utilization to the salary of workers. From machine tools point of view, it’s not just the price of machines but the cost of running these machines. Here again, there are intangible costs – such as having a skilled technician with good knowledge of the machine tool, technology and features. Today, I can say it is these small factors that can put you in a winning position.

On Choosing Sparkonix

Sparkonix’s EDMs, ZNC EDMs meet our criteria on all the fronts – the price, cost of operations, quality and service. From my experience of using the EDMs from Sparkonix for the last fifteen odd years, I can confidently say that it’s the best value for money. The service is great and the fact that Sparkonix’s technology is simple to understand for the operator makes it even easier to maintain.
Going a step ahead I can say that, having Sparkonix’s EDMs gives me the confidence to successfully deliver many
quality-critical intricate mould jobs that even the companies with advanced tool-room facilities find it difficult to perform

With four EDMs, Sparkonix has delivered great performance for us again and again
Mr. Suresh Sharma, Shri Balaji Engineers


Rotomac Global Pvt Ltd, Kanpur

Penning a Perfect storyfor Rotomac’s Quality and Productivity!

Rotomac is India’s leading pen manufacturer with exports around the globe including Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. With a whooping 1.2 Million pens manufactured every day, Rotomac’s clients include some big names such as Office Depot, Staples and Walmart. Rotomac’s highly advanced in-house capability can perform almost 90% of the tasks involved in manufacturing of pens.
At Rotomac, we speak to the specialist. Mr. D P S Chauhan comes with over 23 years of expertise in plastic injection mould design. In his current role as the VP of production he leads the quality and productivity initiatives for Rotomac’s Kanpur plant.

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Your thoughts on industry trends

Since interchangeability is most important aspect in our industry, multi-cavity moulds are used. In the earlier days, 16 cavity moulds were the norm. With advanced machines 32 or 48 cavity moulds are used to improve productivity. Currently, we have the capability to make 64 cavity moulds and it is way more easier now to manufacture pens with this advanced technology.

On Choosing EDMs

In pen manufacturing, the finishing quality of the product is the most important factor in sales. Therefore, while choosing an EDM we take every effort to ensure the machine’s capability to provide finishing quality as desired in our final product. The Metal Removal Rate (MRR) is the next most important factor, driving our productivity.

Shifting to Sparkonix’s EDMs

We moved to Sparkonix from another machine provider due to poor service that they provided to us. I am totally happy with the Sparkonix’s EDMs and service.

Future Plans

Many companies are shifting their business from China to India due to lack of skilled labour, price and anti-dumping. So we have been receiving a lot of enquiries and orders. We plan to increase our manufacturing capacity by around 50% over the next few years.

I am totally happy with the quality and productivity from Sparkonix’s EDMs.
Mr. D P S Chauhan, Rotomac Global Pvt Ltd


EDM Drill

East India


For inquiries please get in touch:
Sudesh Durugkar | Contact: +91 99605 94649

SN Tools

The Ultimate Game Changer

SN Tools can easily be mistaken for any other small tool die making company at least from the humility and the grounded attitude of the man in charge Mr. Amulya Mishra. But their specialty of being the suppliers to the country’s critical defense sector players such as Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd. (HAL) and DRDO makes them stand out. SN Tools was founded by Mr. S N Mishra in 1984 and since then this company has been one of the ancillary units of HAL. Very few companies are trusted for manufacturing specialty tools for these companies of national repute and SN Tools is one of them.

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Defense and Aeronautical is a critical sector to cater to, Support from Sparkonix has helped us achieve the high quality and productivity demands of these sectors

In 2012, when SN Tools was using traditional technique to drill holes in one of the components for HAL they were facing delivery issues. The process of drilling was a bottleneck. An engineer from HAL recommended them to go for Sparkonix EDM Drill. “We bought the first EDM Drill in 2012; I remember our earlier production was as low as 10-12 components per day. With Sparkonix’s machine, it has increased multifold to around 150 components per day. We are now in a great position as far as delivery is concerned, thanks to Sparkonix”. Mr. Amulya Mishra who added another EDM drill to his manufacturing facility proudly says: “I recovered my investment on these machines within a year”

With Sparkonix’s EDM Drill we could increase our productivity 15 times and that is Super Performance
Mr. Amulya Mishra, SN Tools


Esko Die Casting

Ensuring the best quality and accuracy for moulds with Sparkonix!

Soumen Roy of Esko Die Casting in Kolkata is a expert on Mould manufacturing with close two decades of experience at leading companies. He started his career in the plastics industry in Mumbai after completing his B.Tech. Currently, he is leading the HDPC and GDC mould design and development, tool room planning at Esko Dies.

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About mould manufacturing at Esko

Esko manufactures HDPC and GDC moulds used in the automotive, lighting and other industries. Esko’s clients include leading automotive manufacturers, lighting companies and other manufacturers. With plants at Kolkata and Faridabad, Esko manufactures close to 100 critical moulds, annually.

Trends in Mould Manufacturing

3D printing technology is being increasingly used, especially for manufacturing prototypes. We have been using it for GDC components with size of about 400 X 500 mm. In my experience, 3D printing for prototyping gives accurate and fast results. With the prototype in place, it becomes very easy to understand the minute aspects about the products, thus reducing rejections and saving time.

Importance of EDMs

The mould manufacturing at Esko requires high quality and accuracy. EDMs play a defining role to achieve the best accuracy and minimize finishing time. We use the EDMs for cutting soft corners in the mould. It is a critical task where we are totally dependent on the performance of EDMs.

About Sparkonix’s EDMs

We have been using Sparkonix’s EDMs since the last 2 years. We have got very good results and haven’t faced any problems till now. Further, the service and support from Sparkonix is really good.

We are totally dependent on EDMs for finishing the moulds. Sparkonix’s EDMs have deliveried flawless performance and results.
Soumen Ro, Esko Die Casting


EDM Drill

West India



For inquiries please get in touch:
Sudesh Durugkar | Contact: +91 99605 94649

For inquiries please get in touch:
Sudesh Durugkar | Contact: +91 99605 94649

Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd.

Serving the Quality Connoisseurs

The Deming Prize is considered to be the highest award in Quality in the world. For a company that has acquired the habit of winning this prestigious award, quality goes beyond theory. It gets ingrained into their thinking so much so that it is reflected in every practice they follow. Mahindra group has begged this prize thrice; twice for the farm equipment sector. Serving such a company in their effort to provide the Indian farmers with the latest in farming equipment technology is certainly a feather in our cap.

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We value the longevity of the machine and its consistence in performance. For us, cost is secondary.

Mr. Ratnakar Sawant, the head of maintenance – transmission assembly at the Kandivali facility of the company is a perfectionist who has been with Mahindra since the last 19 years. According to him, focus is what brings out the best in you. His strong adherence to this personal motto makes him the go-to guy for all the maintenance issues on the shop floor.

What matters in the procurement of machine tools?

I go to suppliers who are confident about their technology. While procuring machines, we give priority to fulfilling performance requirements. Next, we focus upon reliability. The level of safety and service-quality also play a major role.

Your view on improving maintenance as a practices

I think, some companies look at maintenance as a peripheral activity. This is like looking at fire department as an overhead. It is a big mistake. We need to value machines which are easily maintainable moreover we need to understand the value of expertise that is required in the maintenance department. Finding insightful maintenance technician is a challenge these days. The solution, according to me, is to invest in training of workforce and making the workers capable of delivering value.

How do you look at Chinese and Taiwanese machines?

For companies that rest upon the quality of products they deliver, I would not recommend these machines as the first choice. For small companies who want to make shift arrangements they might serve the purpose but when it comes to consistent, critical performance we value the longevity of the machine. Cost is secondary.

5 for Reliability. That’s how I rate Sparkonix
Mr. Ratnakar Sawant, Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd


Daniel And Sons

Delivering Precision to Global Standards

Daniel and Sons from Mumbai has been in the plastic mould making industry for over three decades. Started by serving the leading Indian customers such as Milton, Milan Plastics, and Cello, Daniel and Sons gets 80% of its business in the from of export orders. The high degree of precision in the mould determines the quality of the final product. Thus Daniel & Sons’ Mr. George who has been looking after production for the last 35 years gives utmost importance to precise machining.

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The export business is very crucial to us. Here the quality in terms of finish of moulds is the key to success. And thus the performance of EDMs is critical in achieving breakthroughs.

Mr. George says “Sparkonix’s EDMs are the best solutions for precision machining. Sparkonix solved our problem by delivering custom-made machines at a very competitive price”. Daniel and Sons’ shopfloor has 8 Sparkonix EDMs, three out of which are Special Purpose Machines.

Sparkonix has succeeded in delivering the precision which is at the core of our business
Mr. George, Daniel And Sons


American Axle and Manufacturing

The ideal choice for Tool Room operations!

Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth” to illustrate the concept of lever.
American Axle and Manufacturing have been moving the world from the 30 facilities in 13 countries while illustrating the power of innovation
AAM is the leading, global tier-one automotive supplier of driveline and drivetrain systems and related components for light trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, crossover vehicles and commercial vehicles with a regionally cost competitive and operationally flexible global manufacturing, engineering and sourcing footprint.

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Meet Mr. Prashant Patil, the man who played a key role in shifting the entire Land Rover plant from UK to India. In an illustrious career spanning over 26 years, Mr. Prashant Patil has worked with the best and the biggest players in projects handling. Co-incidentally, his love for machines began with EDMs during the experience at Electronica Machine Tools, early in his career. He has worked with leading engineering companies such as Poonawalla Group, Bharat Forge, Hofler-India, Mahindra and Mahindra etc. Excerpts of the interview with him.

Most importantly, Sparkonix is a product of India. The founders have put their ideas, experience and expertise of over four decades to bring the world-class, innovative features at such a low price. The resultant value for money is immense.

What is the next thing in machine tool industry?

Innovation in safety and economics in terms of machine capacity and operational costs will be the key. In the immediate future, I see a strong trend for total automation including implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). However, in case of tool room machines the performance level will matter more than the degree of automation.

How do you look at low cost imported machines from countries such as China, Taiwan etc.?

My personal point of view is – do not fall for just the looks and features. In machine tools, the manufacturer and buyer have to be made for each other. The dependency on critical spares in case of imported machines turns to be costly at times. The fact that these spares are not indigenous, further aggravates the risks of buying these machines.

How was your experience of using Sparkonix’s EDMs?

Sparkonix is a perfect machine for tool room activities. I will rate it very high, say, 9 out of 10!
Most importantly, this machine is a product of India. The founders have put their ideas, experience and expertise of over four decades to bring world-class, innovative features at such a low price. Thus, the resultant value for money is immense.

What is your message to the peers?

It’s relatively difficult to get people with core expertise in machine tools.
As tool room managers we need to train our folks properly, especially on fundamental concepts. Often, we have the best of the machines but we need to invest a good amount of time to match the skill set of the people to use the advanced features in our machines. Mistakes are costly and only way to avoid them is by training the workforce.

parkonix is a perfect machine for tool room activities. I will rate it very high, say,9
Mr. Prashant Patil, American Axle and Manufacturing


Badve Autocomps Pvt Ltd

Years of ‘Maintenance Free’ Relationship!

N L Mestry heads the busy tool room unit for Badve Autocomps, one of India’s largest auto-component suppliers. With over two decades of experience in the automotive and engineering industry, he has traversed through every turn and all the ups-downs in India’s automotive industry. We speak to him on the industry trends, observations and Sparkonix’s performance in tool room applications.

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Key trends in the industry

Earlier, a 6-8 day delivery time line was acceptable to customers. As the completion has intensified, delivering the job within the shortest time, is critical to winning orders.

Excellent cutting speeds of Sparkonix’s EDMs makes it easy for us to provide faster delivery to our customers

On Choosing Sparkonix

Over the last few years, there is a gradual shift in customer’s demands with respect to quality and turnaround time. When compared to 4-5 years ago, we are delivering better quality in far lesser time. Project time lines are shortening and so is the production cycle for each of our products.

On choosing Sparkonix’s EDM

Earlier, we outsourced spark erosion related work to our partners or vendors. It is here that I came across Sparkonix’s EDM, for the first time. We were very impressed by it’s performance and decided to buy one for captive use. We have been using Sparkonix’s EDM since the last two years. The performance is really good and more importantly the machine is maintenance-free.

Maintenance-free machines and quick service are the biggest strengths of Sparkonix’s EDMs.
N L Mestry, Badve Autocomps Pvt Ltd


Kishore Industries

Delivering quality moulds, faster, for Kishor Industries

Kishore Industries is a renowned manufacturer of plastic injection moulds used in a variety of applications. Mr. Jugalkishore Kabra started the company in 1986 which today counts some of the biggest automotive companies such as Varroc, Mahindra, Bajaj, General Motors as its key clients. With the capability to manufacture over 300 moulds per year, averaging one mould per day, Kishore Industries promises some of the shortest delivery time lines in the industry.

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Jugalkishore is a Mechanical Engineer with 30 years of extensive expertise in critical and large scale mould manufacturing. He speaks to us on the trends in manufacturing, machine tools and his experience with Sparkonix.

Decoding success in mould manufacturing

Quality and turnaround are key to success for every mould manufacturer. Even the smallest rejection or rework leads to delays and adds-up to direct and indirect costs for the customer. Constant upgrade in technology, skilled manpower and processes are critical to matching the shortening delivery time line.
Advanced technology such as 3D printing etc. is potentially useful to develop samples/prototypes. However, it will take a few more years to become a part of mainstream manufacturing.

Choosing Sparkonix

We have set very aggressive goals in terms of faster delivery of moulds. For instance, we take about 25 days to manufacture a highly complex mould as compared to the industry norm of 45-60 days. Our relentless focus on faster delivery of moulds creates numerous benefits for the customers. Currently, we use Sparkonix’s EDM Drill and ZNC EDM which deliver a performance to meet our aggressive delivery goals. The quality of equipment is good and the finishing achieved is consistent.
Above all, we have got timely support from Sparkonix’s service team.

Consistent, quality finish for moulds
Mr. Jugalkishore Kabra, Kishore Industries


Nippo Industrial Products, Rajkot

Exceeding expectations

When Maulik Patel of Nippo Industrial Products, joined the business five years back, he set an ambitious target to beat the competition. He decided to put in place a culture to deliver jobs well before the deadline, always. This wasn’t easy in a business environment where delays were considered normal. Keeping customer’s needs at the center, Maulik choses to run the factory for the whole year, without taking even a single holiday.

Today, Nippo is recognised for its commitment to quick delivery.

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Factors for choosing EDMs

Given our commitment to timely delivery, reliability in performance of the EDM is simply non-negotiable to us. Quick service from EDM manufacturer is also very critical as machine downtime directly affects timely delivery. The faults could be minor or major, but have to be resolved immediately to ensure machine uptime.

Your experience on choosing Sparkonix

Earlier, we used an EDM of a different make, but were not happy with their service. It was very time consuming and costly to use those machines, so, we decided to move to EDMs from Sparkonix.
What turned me into Sparkonix’s fan is their honest attitude. Sparkonix takes total responsibility of their machine’s performance.
Sparkonix’s service exceeds our expectations. For any operational issues, minor or major, the service engineer is available on the same day to ensure highest machine uptime.

Sparkonix’s service exceeds our expectations. Personally, I will rate Sparkonix’s service 10
Maulik Patel, Nippo Industrial Products


Surelia Wire-cut Pvt. Ltd.

Inspiring an Indigenous Star

When the Indian prime minister says that ISRO managed to get to mars with one ninth of the cost incurred by NASA, he is honoring the Indian ingenuity that we are celebrating with this yearbook. We are proud to have touched the mission to mars through one of our loyal customers in Rajkot: Surelia Wire Cut Pvt. Ltd.

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Mr. Bakul Surelia was inspired to start his own company when he saw a Sparkonix EDM in one of the factories he had been to in the early days of his career. His sharp business acumen sensed the opportunity of creating a specialty business around the process of spark erosion. He purchased the first machine from Sparkonix in the year 1999. “I have purchased a Sparkonix machine every nine months since I bought the first one. Today I have 12 EDMs; each one is the witness of my story from a small shade to being the preferred vendor of ISRO. Sparkonix has actively supported me in all ups and downs of this journey”

“Sparkonix is the seed behind Surelia Wire Cut and today this seed has transformed into a huge tree representing the power of Indian engineering capability”
Mr. Bakul Surelia, Surelia Wire Cut Pvt. Ltd.

When ISRO announced that a specific part was required for the critical operation of calibrating the special rays from the black bodies, even the global experts were hesitating to accept the job because of its design complexity. The job’s most critical part was to create 910 pyramids on a metal block. All the pyramid were to be hollow from within and have a wall thickness of just 1mm. Mr. Minay Surelia, of Surelia Wire Cut, took up the challenge and delivered the job at an astonishingly optimal price. The internal surface accuracy and finish of the pyramids was achieved with Sparkonix’s EDMs.
Mr. Surelia proudly says that “Indian indigenous companies are capable of delivering world class performance. We need to believe in ourselves and keep raising our bar. Supplying to Mangalyan (ISRO’s Mars Mission) is a testimony of Indian ingenuity”. I have seen other machines which are good in certain areas, But Sparkonix as a package of product and service excellence leaves them far behind


I-Tech Plast Pvt Ltd, Bhavnagar

I-tech is a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic injection moulded parts. A joint venture between Meccanica, Italy, I-Tech manufactures components for several advanced applications including computer peripherals, microelectronics, medical devices and consumer plastics. We met Hitesh Chavda, Manager – Tool Room at I-Tech to learn about his experience of using Sparkonix’s EDMs. With over 25 years of expertise, Hitesh has closely seen and experienced the evolution of machine tool industry in India.

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Choosing the right EDM for advanced products

As far as EDMs are concerned, it’s the quality of the jobs that dictates the choice of EDMs. Cost of EDM is another important factor that needs to be considered, especially for long term, high volume contracts. Usually, the better the quality and performance you need from an EDM, the more will be the price

On selecting Sparkonix

I think, Sparkonix offers value for money with optimum performance and price. We have got the desired quality and speed, with Sparkonix’s machines. In machine tools, continual improvement is important. The performance, of the newly launched models of EDMs from Sparkonix, is even better

Beyond price and quality

When it comes to EDMs, prompt service is as important as the up-front price of machines. Typically, the imported EDMs such as Chinese and Taiwanese machine manufacturers lack the service infrastructure for a vast and diverse market such as India. This is another area where Sparkonix scores well above others, as their Engineers are always willing to be here to help on any problems that we face in the spark erosion processes

Sparkonix’s team is always ready and available to help us to solve any problems!
Hitesh Chavda, I-Tech Plast Pvt Ltd


Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd.

Spinning Innovative Engineering story

Bajaj Steel distinguishes itself as the only company in the world which produces machineries for all cotton ginning technologies i.e Double Roller, Saw Gin and Rotobar, all Pressing technologies i.e. Down Packing, Up Packing & Horizontal Packing, as well as Seed Cleaning, Delinting & Decorticating, apart from general engineering fabrication, machining, intelligent electrical panel manufacturing and various other engineering activities. Established in 1961, Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd. is a publicly listed on Bombay Stock Exchange. The company has truly world class engineering setup in its various plants situated in and around Nagpur.
Today, Bajaj Steel has an installed base of more than 60,000 units with presence ranges in all ten cotton producing states in India and exports to every major cotton producing country across the globe.

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The company is on high growth path and has recently entered into technical collaboration for manufacturing of saw gin, rotobar gin and other equipments earlier manufactured by Continental Eagle Corporation, USA to manufacture them in India as a part of expansion.At Bajaj Steel, we met Mr. Vivek Pradhan, currently heading the new developments in engineering and products for the company. Bajaj Steel’s shop floor is a treat for the Engineer as one gets to see a range of highly unique and specialized machines.

“Innovation is my passion”, says Mr. Vivek Pradhan, who has developed several new machines for different applications and also leads the strategic procurement of new technology and machine tools. We spoke to him on a range of topics including sourcing of machine tools, new technologies and thoughts on Sparkonix’s products:

The biggest factor is developing an understanding of the client’s needs from technical and commercial perspectives. If you get the requirements right, technology will rarely let you down.

What are the dominant trends in machine tools?

As a buyer, like my clients, the approach is changing. We now look for a complete solution – from the cost of buying, futuristic technology, cost of operations to that of service and spares. Naturally, all these factors reflect in the decisions we take in varying degrees.

What matters in buying machine tools?

The biggest factor is developing an understanding of the client’s needs from technical and commercial perspectives. If you get the requirements right, technology will rarely let you down. So, the key is to know the exact nature of the challenge and then provide a solution. Tendency to somehow fit your solution to my problems has to be avoided.

On Choosing Sparkonix

We perform heavy fabrication in our manufacturing. Multiple drilling through complex profiles, metal blocks is an essential part of our operations. Many times the material is too expensive or of the category that is not available easily. The metal arc disintegrator from Sparkonix has solved our challenge in one go. We earned the return on its investment within no time.
I have visited the Sparkonix factory and the developments that the engineering team there is working upon, are phenomenal. The way the company is reaching out to a whole new level is commendable. It’s a vibrant example of Indian engineering and I admire the company for the same.

Our investment in Sparkonix’s Metal Arc Disintegrator has earned its return within a few days
Mr. Vivek Pradhan, Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd.


VRC Plastomould (i) Pvt. Ltd.

Adopting, Evolving, Excelling!

Adopting to the changing business environment and evolving quickly to excel has been a mantra behind the success of Mr. Vijay and Chandrakant Khadgi who head the VRC plast Moulds (India) Pvt. Ltd. Their growth is characterized by a strong urge for delivering highly qualitative mould and dies. This is evident from the awards they have been honoured with. The jewel in the crown being the Mahindra Pancharatna award for Quality excellence.

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Shortened product life-cycle and heightened customer expectations at customer end means that mould making time has to be reduced by almost 75%. In fact, meeting aggressive timeline and yet passing stringent quality checks is the new core-competency in mould making.

Since 1999, when it was founded, VRC has acquired big names such as LG, Videocon, Mahindra, Whirlpool and Haier as their customers. They have plants in Pune and Nagpur which cater to some of the biggest OEMs in the Indian auto sector. They are business veterans and are quick to introduce themselves as: “Today, as Tier-I vendor of OEMs, we have evolved into making speciality plastic components for a range of applications”. Excerpts of the interview with the founders:

Changing expectations of your customers?

In terms of quality, earlier, people just looked for a good fit. But now customers check whether the component is as per drawing, even if it fits in perfectly. Aesthetics, too, has gained a lot of importance. Back then, mould making came with lot of hoopla. Now, customers are ready to pay the price if you can match the timelines and quality.

What’s your take on Chinese or Taiwanese machines?

The lack of service, especially in places like Nagpur, and a lot of fly by night import-dealers, means it is just not possible to trust imported makes from China or Taiwan. Also, generally, Indian machines are far better when it comes to rigidity.

On Choosing Sparkonix

We wanted an EDM which had a stationary bed and the provision for X-Y axis movement for the Electrode with job holding capacity of over 1 Ton. Only Sparkonix’s EDM had the features that met our technical requirements, affordably.

Only Sparkonix EDMs could deliver us what we were looking for
Chandrakant Khadgi, VRC Plastomould (i) Pvt. Ltd.


Durga Plasto Metals

Breaking the Ground

In 1975, when Durga Plasto Metals was started to manufacture dies and moulds in a small town of Ahmedabad little did he know that this town will be India’s next manufacturing hub. He brought the spark erosion technology to Ahmedabad with the first machine from Sparkonix in the year 1983. Mr. Mukesh Shetty, Technical Director at Durga Plasto Metals says: “Sparkonix has worked with us in the the true spirit of partnership-being responsive to the smallest of our needs and converting them into their product-features”.
The first EDM bought 22 years ago still continues to deliver amazing performance.

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Mr. Shetty believes this can happen because “Sparkonix has put a lot of thought in designing of the machine and the efforts they take also shows up in the service delivered”

What are the trends you are seeing in the mould and die industry?
Initially competition was less but today it has intensified. Only those machine tools which can deliver the demands of competition driven market such as speed and precision are preferred. Secondly, Chinese companies have entered and distorted the business landscape.

The low cost of these Chinese machines is a trap and we Indians tend to fall for it quickly. A smart manufacturer knows this and chooses longevity of the machine over small-time gains.

Sparkonix Pulse Generators are one of the finest among those available
in India

Mukesh Shetty, Director


Adeshwar Moulds Pvt. Ltd.

Synonymous with Accuracy and Perfection

It is said that when a person who has obeyed the orders is given the right to command, the troops succeed. Adeshwar Moulds is headed by Mr. Jaysukh Mistry who has risen up the ranks with his sheer hard work and unrelenting hunger for excellence. Today, he owns the company in which he once worked as an employee. His dedication comes forth from the way he speaks about machines: “In mould making accuracy lies at the heart of the business and thus EDMs form the soul of our business”

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“Once I thought of trying out an EDM from another manufacturer that was doing a lot of promotion once, but Sparkonix’s responsiveness to my queries has made me stick with this partner”

Even in relatively tough economic conditions of today, Adeshwar’s order books are full for the next four months. With 5 EDMs and 3 Drills from Sparkonix, Mr. Jaysukh says that Sparkonix has supported him well. He adds, “We asked for certain modification and not just the technical assistance provided but also the speed of the response was very impressive”.

Adeshwar’s two decades long relationship with Sparkonix has ensured that for Mr. Jaysukh the brand Sparkonix has become synonymous with EDMs. This reflects from Mr. Jaysukh’s candid confession: “I thought of trying out an EDM from another manufacturer that was doing a lot of promotion once, but Sparkonix’s responsiveness to my queries has made me stick with this partner”

For me, EDM means Sparkonix, nothing else
Mr. Jaysukh Mistry, Adeshwar Moulds Pvt. Ltd.


Accutech Tooling Solutions, Sanand

The Best Return on Investments with Sparkonix

Mr. Poornachandra Das of Accutech Tooling Solutions is a tooling specialist. In an experience spanning across almost two decades, he has led the mould manufacturing units for several companies, across India. He started Accutech in 2015, and has been serving the tooling needs of leading 2/4 wheeler automotive manufacturers in flourishing industrial cluster of Sanand. He shares thoughts on how to choose an EDM, and experience of using Sparkonix’s machines.

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The trends in Indian tooling industry

The tooling industry is growing and evolving rapidly. In my observation, the tooling industries in China and Korea, get way better support whether it is infrastructure or policies as compared to Indian manufacturers. Yet, Indian manufacturers have stayed competitive. With Make in India, greater support and better infrastructure are in sight and will drive the growth through Government support in terms of giving financial and infra support and some subsidies to tooling industries in India.

Role of EDMs in your industry

In the tooling industry, EDMs are critical and widely used as performing direct machining of tools is not an option. Typically, in our industry, up to 20% to 30% of the total machining work can be dependent on EDMs.

How do you choose an EDM

I look for four key parameters, namely, finishing quality, cutting speed, Metal Removal Rate and the quality of PLC that is used in the controller. I feel, these factors drive and decide the performance of your production. Of course, after sales service and technical support are equally important.

On choosing Sparkonix’s EDMs

I have been working in this industry for past 17 years and have also visited other countries and seen their technology, in my previous jobs. All this experience was very handy when I had to choose the EDM for my own business. I would always choose an EDM which provides the best ROI in the market. That’s why I chose Sparkonix and it is standing true to my expectations and delivering very good results.

I would always choose an EDM which provides the best ROI in the market. That’s why I chose Sparkonix and it is standing up to my expectations & delivering very good results to me.
Mr. Poornachandra Das, Accutech Tooling Solutions


Allied Industries

Unfolding new opportunities in mould manufacturing

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new. When Aniket Pol of Allied Engineering decided to focus his energies on new opportunities in mould manufacturing, Sparkonix emerged as a strong technology partner to bring his vision into reality. Allied Industries relied on Sparkonix’s proven EDM technology to invest in India’s first indigenously developed Tyre Mould EDMs.

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Tyre Mould EDM Market

The market for tyre moulds is rapidly expanding and mostly dominated by suppliers from China. However, with shorter turnaround times tyre manufacturers in India are now preferring to source moulds, locally. With availability of right technology, in-depth expertise and world-class service from Sparkonix, Indian mould manufacturers are now well poised to address the growing demand for tyre moulds, in domestic and international markets.

Sparkonix has developed full range of Tyre Mould EDMs capable of manufacturing Cycle, 2/3/4 wheeler as well as off-highway tyre moulds.
Allied Industries uses Sparkonix’s ST 500 and ST 1000 models for manufacturing intricate Tyre Moulds. The EDMs come with several innovative features, to specifically serve the Tyre Mould manufacturing, including auto indexing table and rotating and tilting work bench for machining side patterns in radial parting molds. The Tyre Mould EDMs empower Indian Mould manufacturers to venture and tap into new, high growth opportunities in mould manufacturing.

The development of Tyre Mould EDMs is a reflection of Sparkonix’s partnering spirit with its customers.

Allied Industries relies on Sparkonix’s EDM technology to explore new horizons in mould manufacturing. With Sparkonix’s Tyre Mould EDMs, our business and operations have been growing from strength to strength.
Aniket Pol, Allied Industries


Asmita Spark Tech


Where rubber meets the road!

Mr. Manish Misal founded Asmita Spark Tech 15 years ago in Talawade, a fast growing industrial cluster in Pune, to offer specialised sparking job services for large rubber component manufacturers. Today, Asmita Spark Tech has emerged as a market leader in its domain in the Pune region.

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When it started operations,
Asmita Spark Tech invested in EDMs of a famous brand, but quickly shifted to
Sparkonix’s EDMs in 2004. Over the past 12 years Asmita Spark Tech has purchased
several new EDMs and also an EDM Drill from Sparkonix to serve its heavy duty production, often running three shifts. We speak to Manish on the role of Sparkonix’s technology in Asmita Spark Tech’s growth and future.

Your Business Challenges

Earlier, a 6-8 day delivery time line was acceptable to customers. As the completion has intensified, delivering the job within the shortest time, is critical to winning orders.

Excellent cutting speeds of Sparkonix’s EDMs makes it easy for us to provide faster delivery to our customers

On Choosing Sparkonix

Sparkonix approached us back in 2004. We decided to buy the machine as the results in EDM trials for our processes were excellent and have continued to get only better, over all these years. Even the Operator feedback was very positive and said the Sparkonix’s EDMs to be sturdy and easy to use.

More importantly, we got much higher cutting speeds from Sparkonix EDMs when compared
to the existing machines we had back then, from another brand. That was our rubber meets
the road moment.

Growing with Sparkonix

As our business expanded, we scrapped all the old machines of different makes and started
buying new customised machines from Sparkonix with higher capabilities.

Today, delivering the jobs within the shortest time is critical to winning orders. Thanks to Sparkonix’s EDMs,
our order book has only been growing.
Mr. Manish Misal , Asmita Spark Tech


Venus Dies & Moulds

Short Message Service, literally

As a young engineer, working in a tool room of a small company, Mr. Nayak decided to dream big. In 1999, he founded Venus Dies & Moulds, and shaped it to become one of the largest suppliers for automotive stamping moulds. The company, today, has 5 facilities across Pune  to manufacture Plastic Moulds, Al PDC Dies, Stamping Progressive Dies, Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting & Plastic Injection Moulds.

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On the evolution of industry

Previously, only quality was the most important factor for our customers, but now, time to deliver is also given an equal importance, if not more. Overall, compared to five years ago, a job that was expected to be finished in 6 weeks has reduced to 4 weeks today. We have taken several steps to meet the shortening time lines.

From setting up a modern tool room with high speed machines and latest technology, to establishing a base of quality focused suppliers to support our capability, we have multi-thronged strategies. We have also been doubling our production every couple of years.
I still remember, the most challenging project in my 25 years long career was to manufacture progressive dies for seat parts. It was a challenging process with strict quality norms and stringent time line. We toiled day and night and completed 20 large dies in just 4 months. It is this commitment to quality and delivery time line that has been pivotal to our growth.

Criteria for Choosing EDMs

In choosing EDMs, we have a three point check – Finishing Quality, Metal Removal Rate (MRR) and Cost of the machine.

On using Sparkonix’s EDMs

We have been using Sparkonix’s EDMs since the last 10 years. The EDMs are perfectly serving their purpose and have been delivering good quality, throughout. Sparkonix is located near us and that has been another added advantage to us. Whenever we need, the prompt service from Sparkonix’s support team is available with just a request sent on SMS.

We just send a request on SMS and Sparkonix’s service team is there to support us. It’s a huge advantage in our kind of industry.
Mr. Nayak, Venus Dies & Moulds


Mindarika Pvt Ltd

Quality finish, always ON for Mindarika’s switches

Incorporated in 1992, Mindarika is a Joint Venture between Minda Industries Ltd. and the Japanese auto-component giant Tokairika Co. Ltd. Mindarika manufacturers automotive switches and has 3 plants in India with combined strength of 1,000 employees. With a 47% market share in its product range, the company is a market leader in its segment and has almost every large OEM in 4 Wheeler and Commercial Vehicles as it’s client.

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We speak to Debasis Pradhan, Assistant Manager at Mindarika. Debasis comes with over a decade of experience in engineering industry & currently leads the Tool Room operations at Mindarika.

Key challenges

Quality is of utmost important to us. Whenever there is an quality issue, we use 2-2-2-2 technique. It means we take 2 minutes to observe the problem, 2 hours to think and analyse the problem, 2 days to design/develop a solution and finally we solve the problem by implementing the solution within 2 weeks.

Choosing an EDM Drill

Again, quality is our foremost criteria for selecting an EDM Drill. Finishing quality for jobs comes first followed by service and support since machine uptime is also very critical. Specifications such as overall size, material removal rate etc. are also the defining criteria to choose the EDMs. Sparkonix’s EDM Drill is used for the finishing of jobs, at the final stage.

Your experience of using Sparkonix’s EDM Drill

We have been using Sparkonix’s EDM Drills since the last 7 years and I have found the quality of machine as well as the jobs produced on it to be very good. The EDM Drills are cost effective and provide the best performance are best in its price range.

We have been using Sparkonix’s EDM Drills sincethe last 7 years &I have found the quality of machine as well as the jobs produced on it to be very good.
Debasis Pradhan, Mindarika Pvt Ltd


Cummins India Ltd.

Simplifying an Engineer’s task

Cummins India was established in 1968 and the rest is history. From exporting engines to the key markets to establishing an R&D center to support all of the Cummins businesses globally, Cummins India has become a strategic unit in the portfolio of this American business behemoth. Cummins fuel systems facility in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India is the place where those amazing red power houses with a trademark ‘Cummins Diesel Systems’ are manufactured. We met Mr. Shitalkumar Dhole who heads the maintenance function at this facility.

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I prefer maintenance friendly machine. Graphical Control Systems help an operator a lot and complete labeling on the machines make it easier for troubleshooting.

Mr. Shitalkumar has a rich experience of 16 years and has deep understanding of machine tools. He has worked with companies like Mazak India, Bajaj Auto. “I think Indian manufacturers need to catch up with the foreign players in the machine tool industry as far as technological advancement is concerned” he says.
He has been looking after the two EDM Metal Arc Disintegrators at Cummins Pune. “Sparkonix’s service is good, and the machine quality is decent as well. As far as mechanical robustness is concerned we have not had any issues with Sparkonix EDMs till date”.

We use Sparkonix Metal Arc Disintegrator for a specific task and it is very efficient at it
Mr. Shitalkumar Dhole, Cummins India Ltd.


Hamilton Writing Instruments (CLARO)

Balancing the opposites, perfectly.

With a long standing legacy of over 20 years, Hamilton has been one of the earliest companies in the plastics industry in India. Today, Hamilton Writing Instruments is a leading manufacturer of Pens, Markers and other products with over 80% of its sales to export markets such as US, Europe, Middle East and African markets.

At Hamilton, we speak to Ganesh Babu, the man who knows the art of balancing the opposites in pen manufacturing – to achieve the best quality, while keeping the costs at its lowest. Ganesh (Manager – Production) is a M. Tech. with rich experience of over two decades in the precision manufacturing and plastic moulding processes across automotive, FMCG and packaging industries.

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Experience on competing in the Global Market

Today, no matter what your product is, pens or machines, competition is global. I would consider 3 essentials to successfully compete in the Global market – performance, costs and aesthetic looks.

Experience on competing in the Global Market

Writing instruments might look simple, but in fact, these are highly engineered products that need to be priced very competitively. Very high levels of precision are critical to ensure no flashes or parting lines in the end products. One has to balance seemingly opposite forces of achieving highest precision and quality at lowest costs, while ensuring best aesthetics. It’s a challenge I personally enjoy.

Trends in Mould making

Currently, most of the players in our industry are dependent on Chinese or Korean mould manufacturers for their requirements. But after make in India, there is a clear trend to shift back the mould manufacturing in-house. At Hamilton too, we make about one-fifth of the moulds in-house. In the next 3-4 years, we would have shifted most of our mould manufacturing in-house.

What to look for in an EDM?

Accuracy, efficient operations and speed are the three most important factors in selecting the right EDM. High efficiency is extremely important to us and Sparkonix’s machines are providing us the required cycle time for highest productivity.

High efficiency is extremely important to us and Sparkonix’s machines are providing us the required cycle time for highest productivity.
Ganesh Babu, Hamilton Writing Instruments


EDM Drill

South India


For inquiries please get in touch:
Sudesh Durugkar | Contact: +91 99605 94649

Jindal Aluminium Ltd

Good price, Great service from Sparkonix!

Jindal Aluminium Limited (JAL), established in 1968, is a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Extruded Profiles in India. We speak to highly resourceful Dhiraj Singh, General Manager at Jindal Aluminium on the latest trends and role of EDMs in Aluminium extrusion. Dhiraj comes with close to two decades of experience in corporate world in multiple responsibilities.

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Trends in Aluminium Industry

In the last 10 years, the usage of aluminium has increased by over 400%. Earlier, it was used only for making doors and windows. But now it is being increasingly replacing Mild Steel, in many applications. Today, in the developed markets, even entire house and car bodies are built with aluminium. The use of aluminium is environment friendly, when compared to other materials. Clearly, we will see more uses of Aluminium in our lives in the times to come. Aesthetic looks, light weight and low cost are the three key factors driving the use of Aluminium across industries and applications.

About the Aluminium Extrusion process

Tooling plays a critical part in the extrusion process. Excellent command on tooling is Jindal’s specialty. It allows faster delivery and happy customers. Given the variety of applications, we have a diverse base of customers and we treat all the customers with equal importance, whether its a small pilot order or a large contract.
Even in exports, delivery time matters a lot along with quality and pricing. Manufacturers from China have natural advantages which helps them to keep their pricing low.

EDMs in Aluminium Extrusion

EDMs are used to make very small and fine cuts in the extrusion dies, even up to few microns in case of flat and hollow dies. Such fine cuts are possible only through EDMs. Other methods are not effective.

Choosing Sparkonix’s EDMs

Personally, I feel , three factors are extremely important in choosing the EDMs, namely, type of machine, Controller Technology and service from the manufacturer. Price of the machine and spare parts is important, given the highly competitive market that we serve. Sparkonix’s machine is delivering very good result and came at a very competitive price. We have also received very good service and support from Sparkonix’s engineering team.

Sparkonix’s machine is delivering very good result and came at a very competitive price. We have also received very good service and support from Sparkonix’s engineering team.
Dhiraj Singh, Jindal Aluminium Ltd


Steer Engineering

The Super Performance Machine

A few companies can take the pride in saying that they touch peoples’ lives every single day. Steer does it through its presence in polymer handling industry. They manufacture the most critical extruder machines which are used for churning out the mixtures which make up a huge array of products from plastic consumer durables to automobile parts. Steer was founded by a visionary technocrat, Dr. Babu Padmanabhan with a mission to provide world-class machines to the rapidly growing plastic industry in India. Today, the company has offices around the globe with a team of dedicated experts ensuring that the company steers the world ahead as goes their motto.

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Preventive maintenance is the least that Sparkonix SPM requires. We haven’t had any glitches since the day it was installed

Steer’s products require internal twin screws which are essentially long cylinders with helical grooves machined over them. These twin screws can vary in length and the pitch of the grooves is very critical for the functioning of the extruder mixing the polymer in powder form before injecting. If not maintained within required limits the dimensional accuracy of the twin screws not only affects the mixing efficiency of the extruder but also damages the equipment. Steer chose Sparkonix to build a special purpose machine to manufacture the heart of their world class systems: these twin screws. Mr. Karthik in charge of the maintenance department at Steer overlooks 100+ machines. We spoke to him about the performance of Sparkonix SPM.

On choosing Sparkonix

We trusted Sparkonix for one of the most critical operation in the manufacturing of an extruder. Tolerances here are in microns and an error will not only affect us but also hamper the process of our customer. The EDM-SPM developed by Sparkonix delivers 20% higher MRR as compared to other EDMs that we have been using. At Steer, our focus is on reliability-centered maintenance and this machine has fared well on that criterion. Preventive maintenance is the least that it requires. We haven’t had any glitches since the day it was installed.

20% better MRR than other makes of machines – That’s Sparkonix performance!


Komet India

Impresses the Practitioner

50 international branches on all 5 continents. 20 subsidiary companies. 40 sales and service centers and 10 production locations worldwide. It’s quite a feat to achieve all that with just 1500 employees.
Komet Group has done exactly that with its 1500 solutions experts spread around the globe. We bumped into one such bright Komet engineer and we discovered the secret of how they deliver such highly precise tools with such consistency. Komet have been using the spark erosion machines from different brands. Sparkonix pulse generators have breathed a new current into one of them.

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The secret of selecting the right machine lies in a single stringent, all-encompassing criterion.

Based at the beautiful contemporary factory in Bangalore, that houses the Indian subsidiary of Komet, Mr. Veeresh Babu heads the maintenance department at Komet India. He is a thorough practitioner with around 13 years of experience and a natural love for beautiful machines. His association with Sparkonix is merely a year old but this man who is in charge of 55 machines is impressed with the first impression Sparkonix machine has created. He tells us how the secret of delivering a right solution lies in starting with the foolproof and an
all-encompassing selection criterion he applies while selecting machines

“First I look at technical specifications as a primary criterion then comes operator friendliness, because it is difficult to get skilled operators today. Ultimately I give importance to the service support and the trouble shooting ease of the machine”.

Sparkonix EDMs are smart with simple technology
Mr. Veeresh Babu, Komet India


Guhring India

Super Drills The German Secret

Mr. Sarvanan, a veteran of thirteen years of work in this German company shared a few secrets regarding his outlook towards the machine tools in India.

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Today, no one expects excess of anything – neither life, nor performance. Do not invest in over engineering solutions. To stay competitive, focus on reliable performance at the best price.

A German company that supplies tools from Aircraft to Automotive and Energy to Engineering industry is not a novelty, but a hundred years old institute of German technocracy that caters to its customers with tooling as a solution certainly is. Guhring India is a 100% owned subsidiary of this German company which has been serving customers like Bosch and Mercedes in India.

The drill bits produced at Guhring India have to be provided with holes for coolant passage during the drilling process. This is where Indian precision meets German skills. The process of drilling holes with high precision in Tungsten carbide is what Sparkonix Super drills do; adding the Indian twist of cost effectiveness to German engineering. Mr. Saravanan Nagaraj has seen this machine at work since last three years. “Service is the forte of Sparkonix and the cost at which they complied with our German standards was amazing” he says.

My fellow German Engineers feel that the Sparkonix’s EDM Drill is very similar to the one they have in Germany, but when I tell them the price they are stunned!
Mr. Sarvanan, Guhring India


Sprout Engineering Tools

Spotting the Unicorn

Two friends started a company with a single wire cutting EDM machine 6 years ago. Today, they deliver jigs, dies and tooling for industries across Bangalore. There might be many such stories of shop owners in and around Bangalore but what makes Sprout Tech Tooling stand out is its founders’ hunger to grow.

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Our biggest challenge is to grow, grow more

They have already upgraded their old wire cutting machine and they plan to expand despite the murky waters of uncertain business demand. “Our biggest challenge is to grow, grow more” Mr. Arun, one of the young and dynamic partners says. For drilling Sprout uses Sparkonix EDM drill. “I have no complaints; your service is such that we have no room for complaints”.

From Mr. Arun’s confidence and the innovative tactics the company has employed to scale the business, it is quite clear that this is the unicorn of the jig manufacturing industry in Bengaluru.

Sparkonix’s service is one-spot solution, truly hassle free
Mr. Arun, Sprout Engineering Tools


GW Precision India Pvt. Ltd.

Simply Sturdy

When one aims at producing the finest tools in the world, one has to build a company that understands tooling as a combination of products and services. Mr. Günther Wirth built the GW precision tools with this same philosophy and Mr. G. M. Hormusjee managed to transfer the same genes into its Indian arm. Today a part of the Ceratrizit group, GW Precision is synonymous with highly customized, reliable solutions for tooling. The company not only produces drills, mills and reamers but also converts them into solutions that delight the customers like Bosch to whom the company offers pro-active service.

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The key to a customer satisfying solution lies in keeping the tools simple and robust.

Mr. Philip C.P.S has 45 years of experience in maintenance and has worked in countries like Singapore, China and Malaysia with companies like Bosch speaks for itself. He has been maintaining the Sparkonix EDM drill since last three years. “Not even a single case of breakdown has occurred”.
The key to a customer satisfying solution lies in keeping the tools simple and robust. Mr. Philip takes care of the latter part with an uncompromising mantra: “Maintaining machines will deliver great products”. Sparkonix EDMs try to simplify his job by being a zero maintenance machine.

What are the areas where Indian machine tool manufacturers can improve?

Indians need to be more disciplined about the overall process of building the machines. We can learn this from the Chinese. We also have to keep upgrading ourselves and be in tune with the contemporary practices around the globe. The selection of materials is a very apt example that tells us how we can incorporate both the above-mentioned aspects. Select the material that is best; not the cheapest. Don’t compromise on performance. Be in sync with global developments. This will drive you to become innovative.

I know of no machine which is zero maintenance, but Sparkonix Super Drill comes close to it
Mr. G. M. Hormusjee, GW Precision India Pvt. Ltd.



TBSN Drill Bits

Empowering the Entrepreneur!

Mr. Sadiq Pasha had acquired ample expertise in running an EDM with around 20 years of service with a major drill-bit manufacturing company. That is when he took the big decision in his career of becoming an entrepreneur.

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That’s how we define an entrepreneur

We found a whole new streak of the entrepreneurial attitude in India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore. Mr. Sadiq Pasha of TBSN drills was working for a major drill-bit manufacturer whose products were used in the boring and mine-exploration.

After about two decades of service there, he found a very specific solution that could help the company make tedious repair of the drill bits easy. He had found his idea. This was in 2005 when everyone was not known to jump into a venture, and buying a machine for repairing the drill bits was expensive but the will and the courage of Mr. Sadiq Pasha to make his idea work, led him to Sparkonix. He bought a Metal Arc Disintegration machine from Sparkonix and is catering to two major drill-bit manufacturers today.
TBSN today helps them reduce their repair costs at the same time satisfying their customers by making the boring operation a cost competitive one.

Today I can work with the best of the brands only because of the technology from Sparkonix
Mr. Sadiq Pasha, TBSN Drill Bits


Adept Technologies

Working with an Artisan!

Mr. Veerbhadra Rao has true passion for creation. In 2007 he founded Adept in the Fan-Hub of India-Hyderabad out of this passion and an entrepreneurial zeal. Mr. Veerbhadra today caters to customers like Lucas-TVS group, and other major fan-manufacturers in and around the city. He has specialized in manufacturing dies with high precision and quality has remained a strength for Adept.

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I am totally satisfied with the accuracy and speed this machine delivers; I highly recommend it for better finish and faster delivery of the moulds

The end product that is manufactured out of these moulds is very critical to the functioning of the equipment or systems in which they go. For example they manufacture the mould for 2 wheeler carburetors, the regulators which fit on your house hold LPG cylinder among others. There is little room for error as it is the question of the end user safety.

When Sparkonix supplied Adept with the first EDM in 2009, little did it know that a repeat order would come in less than a year. “I am totally satisfied with the accuracy and speed this machine delivers; I recommend it to others like me – ‘who are particular about what they deliver to their end users’”

As compared to all its competitors, the quality of service that Sparkonix offers has made me a loyal customer of their EDMs
Mr. Veerbhadra, Adept Technologies


Lucas TVS

Delivering results

Four out of five vehicles rolled out on the road everyday have a Lucas TVS component fitted on them. The group caters to all the automotive OEMs by supplying electrical motors for all the applications. The tool room of a manufacturing stalwart of this scale is always loaded with tough and challenging jobs. G. Sadanandam has been a privy to the workings of this tool room since the last thirty years and today leads the facility ably drawing upon his vast experience and well-rounded expertise. Here are the excerpts from a candid conversation with him:

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On challenges before the tool room managers in India today

The biggest challenge is Speed. The discussion is no more about the quality, that is a given. Speed with which you deliver the first time right tool/ mould or die at a competitive price is what matters. This is primarily because the product life cycle has shortened and also variety has increased within products.
When competing globally, one has to adopt the practices and deliver the performance that match the global level. So, delivering results in such a highly competitive environment with first time right product in the least possible time is our challenge.

What are the essentials to compete at the global level?

First there has to be a tremendous improvement in technology and manpower. Technology is the key to faster delivery and optimal performance. In my own field, automation helps double the output at one-third the labor cost. Technology also plays a vital part in mending the knowledge gap between the Indian labor and the rest of the globe. The steady increase in the size of the Indian markets that is happening now should act as a stimulus for the industry to adopt new technology. This is the right time for India to catch up with the global level of technical expertise and the country needs to seize the opportunity.

Today the biggest challenge for the tool room managers is Speed. The discussion is no more about the quality, that is a given. Speed with which you deliver the first time right tool/mould or die at a competitive price is what matters.

Your take on future of Indian Machine tool industry

We in India understand that technology works to fulfill a precise function and unnecessary frills must be avoided. For instance, in the wire drill, Sparkonix has used a stroke pump instead of a compressor unit to pump the dielectric. It fulfills the function of pumping the fluid.
Is it reliable? Yes. Is it good quality? Yes. Is it cost competitive? Yes.
This fits my definition of technology-delivering the desired performance reliably at the optimal cost. This can strengthen India’s position globally.

What are some trends you see shaping up the Machine Tool Industry today?

I think automation is not a trend anymore; it is what people expect wherever it is required. I see two major domains where Indians can take the lead and shape the future of machine tool industry:

Development of Modular Machines

Modular machines gives us tool room managers
a lot of flexibility and also make the machines easily maintainable.
Modular machines are easy for tracing errors and repairing faults. This is also helpful for the machine tool manufacturer because when the product is modular, the process can be made leaner. It is easy to outsource such processes. With increasing costs of Indian labor, I think our focus must be on designing the best and outsourcing the rest. Innovation in design is our core and we need to focus on it.

Environment friendly machines

There is no alternative but to care for our planet. This has to be the priority now on.

Sparkonix built the most reliable, speedy and cost competitive technology in this machine
G. Sadanandam, Lucas TVS


Samy Engineering Tools

A Craftsman’s Companion

The compacting die used in manufacturing a powder metallurgy component is a challenge for every die maker as it involves intricate geometries and high precision necessary for reliable functioning in critical systems like automobile transmissions, engines, turbines, etc. Samy Engineering, from Chennai India has been delivering their promise of crafting these shining marvels for companies like Greaves Cotton Ltd, Areva, Southern Agro Engine Pvt Ltd., and many others since the last 16 years.

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In a Spark Erosion machine, we look for two things in a machine – HIGH ACCURACY and ZERO MAINTENANCE.

As Mr. Nandan, head of production at Samy puts it: “The challenge for us is not the product itself but the time in which it has to be delivered and finesse that is expected in the geometric features.”
When he took the critical decision of perfecting the dies in-house, he was looking for a trustworthy partner who could provide spark erosion machine that would support Samy in its quest to deliver highly precise dies at affordable cost. Sparkonix supplied the first EDM to Samy in 1998. Later, as Samy acquired bigger clients and the production increased, the partnership grew 15 years older and 4 machines stronger. “We are planning to buy a fifth one soon” informs Mr. Nandan. “Performance of the machines is spot on and there is no room for complaints regarding the service provided.” tells the ex-army man who says the machines are very obedient in terms of responsiveness to the operator.

How do you look at the Spark Erosion Machines market?

There are many players in the EDMs marketz. Some have been there for decades together but we look for two things in a spark erosion machine. First, high accuracy and second, zero maintenance. There are many companies who claim that their machines are advanced, reliable and efficient but in my twenty years of experience I have seen their use being restricted only to preliminary rough work

When selecting EDMs, I don’t look beyond Sparkonix
Mr. Nandan, Samy Engineering Tools


Ashok Leyland Ltd

Celebrating the silver jubilee of relationship with Ashok Leyland!

Sparkonix’s association with Ashok Leyland goes back to 1990s, when it chose the then newly launched Metal Arc Disintegrator for its Hosur Plant. Over the years, as Ashok Leyland added new plants, Sparkonix’s Metal Arc Disintgrators was the preferred choice across all the plants in India.
We speak to Arvind AR, Assistant General Manager at Ashok Leyland, Chennai. Arvind is a MS in Engineering Management from BITS, Pilani with deep expertise in project management and Lean Six Sigma techniques.

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Evolution of Indian Machine Tools

The overall quality of the Indian machine tools has improved significantly, and are fast substituting the imported machines in many areas. In terms of technology, I can see a generic shift in metal cutting where Carbide tools have gradually taken over HSS tools in many applications in recent years.

Technology to compete globally

When competing globally, quality is the highest priority. Achieving the best in quality while keeping the costs lower and ensuring the fastest delivery time is the real challenge for manufacturers. Technology and innovative processes have an important role to create the competitive edge. Recently, I led a project where we were able to achieve over 30% improvement in productivity using innovative project management techniques. With technology as a tool, the potential to enhance efficiency using techniques such as lean manufacturing etc. must also be fully realised.

Choosing Sparkonix’s EDM technology

We are associated with Sparkonix since the early 90s. The first Sparkonix machine for Ashok Leyland was installed at the Hosur Plant and then other similar machines were deployed across all the plants in India. We use Sparkonix’s Metal Arc Disintegrator to recover/salvage components from broken tools. Currently, we have more than 10 Sparkonix machines with various capacities.

Think EDMs,
Think Sparkonix!
Arvind AR, Ashok Leyland Ltd


United Industries

The Ageless Beauty

Catering to the tooling demand of a 150 year old auto component manufacturer WABCO, for 25 long years consistently is a tough task. Ask what is even tougher? To start a company from scratch and to take it from a job shop earning 10000 per month to a tool house clocking more than a crore rupees in turnover. United Industries and its founder Mr. Joseph deserve to be applauded for supplying critical tools to Wabco India (Previously TVS Wabco).

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Competition has increased in tooling industry, delivering value at the least possible cost is the key to success

Mr. Joseph says “We depend on our ‘zero- maintenance’ spark erosion machine purchased from Sparkonix in 1995. This machine is an ageless beauty, it has been running from last twenty years, for all three shifts, it needs virtually zero maintenance and whatever we have expected out of it has been delivered.”

It has been 20 years, Sparkonix support has been great right from the beginning
Mr. Joseph, United Industries



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