17 Aug 2019

Which to Electrode to chose – Graphite or Copper?

When it comes time to decide whether to use graphite or copper electrodes in your shop, it’s important to look at the big picture. One has to consider application for which EDM is going to be used, depending on which a type of electrode can be chosen. Earlier, Copper was the only option available, however […]

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17 Aug 2019

5 Factors that determine your Graphite electrode selection

As EDM industry is growing year-on-year, and steadily the outlook towards it has changed during this period. Market looks at EDM as proven and precise machine, which can do wonders as compared to conventional machining. While there are many methods used to come to conclusion as to what material is to be used, we at […]

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16 Jul 2019

5 Points to consider for smooth installation of Your EDMs

Installing an EDM is different from acquiring a VMC, HMC or CNC lathe. The EDM Operation has some special requirements. Of course, these requirements are not complex or expensive but they are surely Important. Neglecting those can surely have a significant impact on the installation of the machine. After you have purchased an EDM, installation […]

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05 Jul 2019

Truly Japanese technology for you

In order to lower manufacturing cost, Japanese and Swiss EDM builders moved their plants to countries with lower labor cost. Seibu decided against this trend because it was against their philosophy.   Seibu manufacturing philosophy is about quality and not quantity. Only 30 to 40 individually created high quality Seibu machines are hand crafted per […]

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10 Jun 2019

Small Hole Drilling – Advantages of EDM Drill

EDM Drills can be technically classified as a specialized EDM machining process, where a small hollow electrode, spinning around the spindle is used to drill small holes. The electrode is electrically charged using a servo-controlled generator and produces a spark. Water is commonly used as a dielectric. The dielectric flows through the electrode under pressure […]

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04 Jun 2019

Considering to buy a CNC EDM Drill? Choose the one with highest RoI

A profitable machine. Automation is not the goal, making the machine as profitable as possible, is.   Sparkonix launched the first made in India CNC EDM Drill in 2017. The trigger to develop the machine was our customers. Considering the economics, most of the customers who wanted to shift to CNC EDM Drills, found the […]

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20 May 2019

6 Reasons where EDM Drilling wins over Conventional Drilling

EDM Drilling once was looked at last resort for drilling of holes but is now one of the commonly used technology for its faster and precise drilling, consistently. In today’s blog we look at the core points which differentiate EDM drilling from conventional drilling Holes on curved and spherical surfaces In a conventional method of […]

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16 May 2019

Smaller, Deeper and Precise Drilling? 5 things you should take care

With miniaturization and use of advanced electronic systems, the need for drilling holes that are smaller, deeper and more precise has been on the rise. The traditional drilling methods have some inherent limitation in achieving all this consistently. The advanced EDM Drills with modern controllers are able to successfully achieve such hole making operations. However, […]

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16 Apr 2019

Understanding the Terminologies of EDM

RAM EDM, otherwise known as “Sinker EDM” or “Plunge EDM” has been around for over fifty years. As machining with Sinker EDM or Plunge EDM occurs by using electrical energy, the electrical conductivity plays a key role in how fast the Spark Gap can ionize allowing a spark to occur. Materials such as Carbides and […]

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04 Feb 2019

Thank you for an Amazing Response to IMTEX 2019!

Launching the world’s best CNC Wire-Cut EDM Technology, Twin Head EDM and more… With 4 Machines on Display, 8 Team Members and over 1500 Visitors in 7 Days…IMTEX 2019 was a grand success for Sparkonix. The special attraction was the launch of India’s first indigenously developed Twin Head EDM Machine, which promises an improved level […]

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