EDM Drill

Twin Head EDM

Faster throughput for large die-&-mould tooling

Technical Specifications

Work Table Size 2500 X 1200 mm
X1 & X2 Axis Travel 1350 mm/Each
Y1 & Y2 Axis Travel (mm) 700 mm
Z1 & Z2 Axis Travel 400 mm
Work Tank Size 3000 X 1650 X 550 mm
Day Light with Axis Corrector 920 mm
Di Electric Tank Volume 3000 Lit
Max Job Weight 8000 kg
Max Electrode Weight 150 kg
Throat Min 270 mm
Throat Max. 970 mm
Floor Space 5100 x 4000 mm


  • Independent programming and execution of different part features at the same time
  • High positional accuracy with fine surface finishes even for large moulds
  • Built-in safety logic to prevent inconsistent programming instances
  • HMI based, Operator friendly controls
  • Easy to program and use for multiple jobs

Z Axis AC servo Brake Motor
Hold the slide against gravity

  • Precision anti friction support bearings, Form and fit linear Motion guideways and preloaded Ball screw and Nut provides repeatability & positioning accuracy as per international standard
  • Glass scales with DRO Standard 5 microns
  • High speed, motorized Z travel with superior overload capability, rugged and high response AC servo motor with brake


 Rise & Fall Door for bigger work tank

  • Door up-down movement & sealing is done by pneumatic cylinder. This reduces human effort in the process & provides convenient access to work piece
  • Safety interlock provided to avoid all possible accidents
Pulse Discharge Electric Discharge Machine

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