Sparkonix in Action!

Watch the latest videos that will give you a quick walk-through on distinctive product features, capabilities and advantages for each of our EDMs.

The Sparkonix Corporate video is a great way to know about our journey and philosophy. Keep us posted with your suggestions and feedback.

S 35 sparkonix-bullet

Compact machines for high performance!

S 50 sparkonix-bullet

Smart machines for benchmark in performance!

S 65 sparkonix-bullet

Powerful EDM Machining. 

F 65 sparkonix-bullet

Advanced, high performance EDMs!

EDM Drill sparkonix-bullet

Swift drilling through tough metals!

Metal Arc Disintegrator sparkonix-bullet

Easily remove broken drills/tap. 

Tyre Mould EDMs sparkonix-bullet

2/4 W/off-highway tyre mould manufacturing.

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