EDMs for precision and large scale manufacturing in Aerospace

Precision is the holy grail of Aerospace industry. The stringent quality norms, and moreover its regulatory norms means aerospace component manufacturers have to always put in an extra bit of efforts to ensure they meet all precision requirements.

Scale of precision manufacturing is another aspect that aerospace companies have to keep a tight watch on. To manufacture aircraft systems on stringent timeline and as per the demand is a challenge. It’s a high dependency game where component users rely on contract machining service providers who have to produce thousands of parts which are durable, tightly machined, fit perfect in a complex design and are manufactured in stipulated time. Precision manufacturing and engineering also involves designing, developing, and measuring hundreds of different parts and systems. These precision manufacturing techniques are key to helping aerospace industry players expand and remain competitive.

High Precision in aerospace – taking a closer look at expectations

Reduced Human Errors
High precision machining greatly eliminates human errors while reducing the chances of mistakes to be made.

Lowest Material wastage
Material Every manufacturing activity produces wastage, Precision manufacturing basically produces very limited waste

Production quality to meet exacting size and shape specifications for some of the most complex shapes

Safety is critical to even the smallest part of Aircraft. Adherence to stringent safety norms of the industry is a must.

Increasing Role of EDMs in Aerospace

Electric Discharge Machining has been popular for decades to manufacture a large variety of aerospace parts including engine, fuel system, and landing gear components, as well as other high-stress, high-temperature parts. With tight specifications, at times, EDM machine parts need secondary processing such as machining and chemical etching, or both.

Surface integrity of component is one of the most concerning areas in aerospace components. However, recent advances in EDM technology are able to produce aerospace grade components. Industry testing indicates today’s technologically advanced machines do not damage the surface of the material as it used to be in the past.

As a result, aerospace manufacturers now using EDMs to manufacture more critical components and on larger scale. In a number of cases, manufacturers are now able to eliminate secondary machining operations, to reduce costs and delivery lead times.

Sparkonix EDMs for Aerospace manufacturing

Sparkonix offers both Sparkonix make sinker EDM and Seibu make wire EDMs. Sparkonix directly partners with customers and offer engineering assistance to help achieve precision component manufacturing that fits the design, form, and function and the desired manufacturing efficiency. Sparkonix is one of the few companies, globally, to manufacture customised EDMs and provide add-on automation for improved productivity.

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