EDM Drill


High speed drilling for small holes

Electrode pipe Diameter 0.3 to 3.0 mm
Max Drilling Depth 300 mm
Work table size ( L X W ) 600 x 450 mm
Travel -X axis 450 mm
Travel – Y axis 350 mm
Travel – Z axis 300 mm
Travel – W axis 230 mm


Daylight 310 mm
Shut Height 80 mm
Throat 185 mm Min to 535 mm Max
Measuring system Absolute Encoder
X ,Y & Z axis feed rate(max) 1000 mm/min
Resolution of X,Y & Z axes 5 µm
Maximum work piece weight 600 Kg on machine table
Maximum work piece height 300 mm
Power supply AC 415 V±10%, 50HZ ±5%, 3 Phase
Net weight of the Machine 2300 kg
Machine Floor Area 2300 X 2000 mm

Mechanical Features

  • Robust construction with FG 260 Cast structures
  • Deformation free machine with stability and accuracy
  • Better flatness and wear resistance to avoid scratching with Granite T–Slot table (Grade Zero) for placement of work piece
  • High sensitive & fast response with, form and fit Linear motion Guide ways with AC servo system for X,Y, Z, W axis
  • Accurate positioning and repeatability owing to precision ball screw with pre-loaded angular contact Bearings, supported at on both ends
  • Compact controller with interchangeable insert-Card type design
  • Built in safety features such as software, hardware and mechanical limit switch
  • Intelligent arcing sensor for auto adjustment of functional parameters
  • Indigenous high pressure direct drive Plunger Pump, with stainless steel body, controlled by solenoid valve
  • Effective debris removal with additional wash away port near drilling point

 CNC Controller 

  • Siemens 828 D Dedicated control unit
  • Controlled/Programmable Axes : Standard X,Y,Z,W
  • Simultaneous controlled axes :  X,Y,W
  • Monitor: High quality 10.4” TFT color display
  • I/O of programs & data transfer: Ethernet,USB port & CF card
  • Minimum programming increment:   1 µm
  • Program/Data store capacity: 3 MB
  • Electronic hand wheel : For manual axes movement

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