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Unfolding new opportunities in mould manufacturing

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new. When Aniket Pol of Allied Engineering decided to focus his energies on new opportunities in mould manufacturing, Sparkonix emerged as a strong technology partner to bring his vision into reality. Allied Industries relied on Sparkonix’s proven EDM technology to invest in India’s first indigenously developed Tyre Mould EDMs.

Tyre Mould EDM Market

The market for tyre moulds is rapidly expanding and mostly dominated by suppliers from China. However, with shorter turnaround times tyre manufacturers in India are now preferring to source moulds, locally. With availability of right technology, in-depth expertise and world-class service from Sparkonix, Indian mould manufacturers are now well poised to address the growing demand for tyre moulds, in domestic and international markets.

Sparkonix has developed full range of Tyre Mould EDMs capable of manufacturing Cycle, 2/3/4 wheeler as well as off-highway tyre moulds. Allied Industries uses Sparkonix’s ST 500 and ST 1000 models for manufacturing intricate Tyre Moulds. The EDMs come with several innovative features, to specifically serve the Tyre Mould manufacturing, including auto indexing table and rotating and tilting work bench for machining side patterns in radial parting molds. The Tyre Mould EDMs empower Indian Mould manufacturers to venture and tap into new, high growth opportunities in mould manufacturing.

The development of Tyre Mould EDMs is a reflection of Sparkonix’s partnering spirit with its customers.

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