EDM Operation and Maintenance – Safety precautions to note!

EDM Machining, while simple in operation, poses risks to safety of the Operator. It is therefore important to understand the importance of certain maintenance activities, essential for safe and efficient operation of the EDMs. Operators have to be alert and aware of the following points.

Electrical Shocks

  1. Make the Operator aware about hazards of even accidentally touching the electrodes while machining
  2. Keep as much area as possible around the machine in dry condition
  3. Ensure that the work area and machines are properly grounded. Check the grounding quality at periodic intervals
  4. Make rules that do not allow the Operators to wear conductive jewellery or clothing when using the Machine


  1. Wear appropriate eyewear
  2. Avoid looking directly into the spark
  3. Wear closed toe, non-slip shoes with rubber soles
  4. Ensure shoes are comfortable as operators need to stand for extended period of time

Operational Safety

  1. Know your machine. One of the best ways to prevent accidents is to not do anything whose consequences you are not well aware of
  2. Keep the area around your machine free of flammable materials
  3. Stay alert and give your undivided attention to machining. Intoxication while on the job is a strict no


Keep your machine well-maintained. Your machine should clean and lubricated. When it needs maintenance, make sure the work is done by a well-qualified professional.

Basic hygiene maintenance is one thing every operator should be aware of, here is the basic checklist that Sparkonix suggests to machine operators to refer


  • Clean machine tray
  • Clean machine shroud
  • Clean tooling, collets, guides, seals, etc.
  • Wipe down spindle head and chuck


  • Lubricate drill chuck spindle
  • Clean out water-sediment tank; refill (left-back tank)
  • Check main filter, pre-filter condition
  • Check Upper Spindle for Water Leakage
  • Check the water level in tanks; fill as needed
  • Check ground cables, clean & tighten as needed
  • Wipe down machine frame

Preventive maintenance and daily cleaning is key to longer life and consistent performance of your EDM Spark Erosion Machines.

Happy Machining!

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