Truly Japanese technology for you

In order to lower manufacturing cost, Japanese and Swiss EDM builders moved their plants to countries with lower labor cost. Seibu decided against this trend because it was against their philosophy.

Seibu manufacturing philosophy is about quality and not quantity.

  • Only 30 to 40 individually created high quality Seibu machines are hand crafted per month
  • With Seibu’s core stitch technology, it is possible to remove all the cores at the same time
  • Seibu is the only Wire EDM manufacturer who guarantees their positioning pitch accuracy
  • The super fine finish circuit is standard on all Seibu wire

For the first time, manufacturers in India now have access to the world’s most advanced CNC Wire Cut EDMs.

Seibu machines target the high end precision Wire EDM market which requires a quality machine. You will hardly find anything comparable.

Sparkonix is taking complete responsibility for Seibu’s market presence, and ground support for availability of spare parts and service in India. Expect hassle free service and quick support compared to any other equivalent global brand.

Ready for the world’s best CNC Wire Cut technology?

Talk to Sparkonix to check the features, pricing and finance options for Seibu’s world leading CNC Wire Cut EDMs for Indian market.

Join some of India’s largest precision manufacturers in exploring Seibu’s CNC Wire cut EDM Technology

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