EDM Spark Erosion Machine Maintenance Checklist

Start-up Check List for your Sparkonix Machine after the Corona Lockdown

Welcome back to machining!

But, read this before you restart the Machines!

Performance and reliability are at the core of Sparkonix’s Machines.

A ‘restart’ after a long gap is a critical juncture for your factory. If the machines are pressed into operations without some basic checks, it could hamper your production. Costs and time spent on repairs could drain the company of resources.
Thus, at this critical juncture, we are committed to supporting our clients in every manner necessary.

As you are set to restart the production operations after the Covid-19 Lockdown, Sparkonix has compiled a list of some health checks for the Machines to ensure a smooth start-up!


To take a print of this checklist and share it with your Machine Operators, Technicians and Production Engineers.

Check-list for EDM Spark Erosion Machine

Checklist for EDM Drill

Checklist for DMS/Tap Removal Machine

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