Launching Impressions 2015!

Featuring Sparkonix’s solutions for customers across industry verticals, market geographies and facing a diverse set of challenges. It’s the visual art that helps us to create a beautiful and neat design that just works. However, the fact that it can be on the headline is that being one of the most important elements, it is still overlooked by many.

Good typography makes a design more appealing, leading a reader across the whole web page according to the importance of different text, but it is not just about the style, size and family of the font. It’s about realizing the high level of visual hierarchy that can be reached with the use of typography.

The Background

Sparkonix is essentially a celebration of Indian engineering. What started as a small effort to bring the best of technology to India for Indians has today become a multinational venture exporting Indian-made machines to 32 countries around the world. Bringing the best of technology to our customers has remained our core ethos through all these years. We have achieved several milestones in our long years of service to the machine tools industry and to our great nation. From completing four decades of successful innovation and great machine design, to achieving the 5000+ machine landmark as a group.

About ‘Impressions 2015’

The credit for this success belongs to our customers who gave us the opportunity to serve, innovate and grow. Hence, as 2015 dawned, we decided to speak heart to heart with our customers to know their opinions, challenges perspectives and feedback.

This yearbook is thus not just a documentation of our humble contribution to the customers; it is an effort to peek into the hearts and minds of customers from all walks of the machine tools industry. Through this book we hope to bring you not just our work, but also an insight into the thinking of your peers who are the movers and shakers of the industry.

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