Spark Erosion Machining in Medical Equipment and Device Manufacturing

Manufacturing medical devices includes a diverse range. Starting from hip joints or replacement devices to simple tools such as tongue depressors, bedpans to critical components in pacemaker, orthopaedic inserts to advanced and other surgical devices. Range of Materials Implantable devices like screws and replacement joints, as well as orthodontic braces and other dental pieces, are … Read more

Achieving best surface finish through Sinker EDM

Surface finish in very important aspects when it comes moulds in particular, as product coming out from mould is typically a mirror image of mould itself. If the mould has any particular ‘lays’ it will directly have opposite impression on product. An EDM surface finish is different to that produced by conventional machining. Cutting processes … Read more

Types of EDM Machines? its applications and Benefits

EDM or Electrical Discharge Machine uses thermal erosion to remove small bits of conductive metal using repeated electrical discharges between the cutting tool, which functions as the electrode, and the piece itself in the presence of a dielectric fluid. Here a high frequency electrical discharge occurs in the gap between the cutting tool and the … Read more

Small Hole Drilling – Advantages of EDM Drill

EDM Drills can be technically classified as a specialized EDM machining process, where a small hollow electrode, spinning around the spindle is used to drill small holes. The electrode is electrically charged using a servo-controlled generator and produces a spark. Water is commonly used as a dielectric. The dielectric flows through the electrode under pressure … Read more

Truly Japanese technology for you

In order to lower manufacturing cost, Japanese and Swiss EDM builders moved their plants to countries with lower labor cost. Seibu decided against this trend because it was against their philosophy. Seibu manufacturing philosophy is about quality and not quantity. Only 30 to 40 individually created high quality Seibu machines are hand crafted per month … Read more

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