Smaller, Deeper and Precise Drilling? 5 things you should take care

With miniaturization and use of advanced electronic systems, the need for drilling holes that are smaller, deeper and more precise has been on the rise. The traditional drilling methods have some inherent limitation in achieving all this consistently. The advanced EDM Drills with modern controllers are able to successfully achieve such hole making operations. However, … Read more

Understanding the Terminologies of EDM

RAM EDM, otherwise known as “Sinker EDM” or “Plunge EDM” has been around for over fifty years. As machining with Sinker EDM or Plunge EDM occurs by using electrical energy, the electrical conductivity plays a key role in how fast the Spark Gap can ionize allowing a spark to occur. Materials such as Carbides and … Read more

Thank you for an Amazing Response to IMTEX 2019!

Launching the world’s best CNC Wire-Cut EDM Technology, Twin Head EDM and more… With 4 Machines on Display, 8 Team Members and over 1500 Visitors in 7 Days…IMTEX 2019 was a grand success for Sparkonix. The special attraction was the launch of India’s first indigenously developed Twin Head EDM Machine, which promises an improved level … Read more

World’s Best CNC Wire Cut EDMs joins hands with India’s EDM!

Seibu trusts Sparkonix as a ‘Sales and Service Agent’ for India Market The final word in CNC Wire Cut technology! Seibu made the world’s first CNC wire Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) in 1972. With a fine and silky smooth motion, an electrode wire can cut metal as desired. Seibu’s new, innovative technique for high-quality, high-precision cutting has … Read more

Your First Choice for Spark Erosion

The New Year is right around the corner, and you may be contemplating important plans about growth, and making vital Cap-ex decisions.This is an opportune moment to share some key insights on the accomplishments at Sparkonix, which can be factored into your decision-making process. 

Read more

Sparkonix’s customised EDMs to serve your specialized applications!

Sparkonix is a leading manufacturer of Electric Discharge or Spark Erosion Machines and has been leading the way in multiple applications across industries. One of Sparkonix’s highly innovative solutions in this domain is fully customised EDMs for specialised applications. The customers asked for it! Sparkonix offers a full range of EDMs catering to a variety … Read more

The secrets to moulding perfect pens!

Behind every well moulded pen body, lies a perfect cooling mechanism within the mould. Sparkonix EDM Drills are leading the way in core pin drilling applications, which is critical to perfecting the cooling mechanism in pen moulds. Plastic Pen moulds have multiple cavities and come with a cooling assembly. The quality, in terms of strength … Read more

Sparkonix’s Tyre Mould EDMs open new opportunities for Mould manufacturers in India

In another first, Sparkonix introduces a new range of specialized EDMs for Tyre Mould manufacturing. The demand for spark erosion technology in Tyre Mould manufacturing is expected to grow with greater use of advanced mould materials and shift towards two-piece moulds by tyre manufacturers. Sparkonix launched its Tyre Mould EDM range at the recently held … Read more

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