Considering to buy a CNC EDM Drill? Choose the one with highest RoI

A profitable machine.

Automation is not the goal, making the machine as profitable as possible, is.

Sparkonix launched the first made in India CNC EDM Drill in 2017. The trigger to develop the machine was our customers. Considering the economics, most of the customers who wanted to shift to CNC EDM Drills, found the imported machine options highly expensive.

Sparkonix took up the challenge and developed the CNC EDM Drill that improved the profitability of the customers, without burning a hole in their pocket.

Sparkonix’s CNC EDM Drill reduces complexity, improves productivity

  • Easy to program for precise and repeatable output
  • With little to no manual intervention high-volume production is easy
  • Lesser possibility of mistakes by the Operators
  • Advanced controllers with maintenance and fault alerts ensure highest uptime

The net result is improved through-put and profitability with lesser manpower.

With proven performance CNC EDM Drill from Sparkonix has emerged as the most economical machine that delivers high-quality performance.

To know more about how you can improve profitability with CNC EDM Drill, speak to our representative at +91 20 2747 0643 / 2747 6452

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