Smaller, Deeper and Precise Drilling? 5 things you should take care

With miniaturization and use of advanced electronic systems, the need for drilling holes that are smaller, deeper and more precise has been on the rise. The traditional drilling methods have some inherent limitation in achieving all this consistently.

The advanced EDM Drills with modern controllers are able to successfully achieve such hole making operations. However, selecting the right type of EDM Drill is needs consideration of very different parameters as compared to selecting a conventional drilling machine. Here are 5 tips on how to select the right EDM drilling system for your application.

Choose the right machine

Since the drilling process in EDM Drills is controlled electronically, it is important to select the EDM Drill that is simple to operate yet fast and reliable. The material removal rate or drilling speeds of the EDM Drills may vary significantly and therefore it might be worthwhile to check if the parameters are in line with your productivity goals. Overall, the EDM drill should be able drill extremely small hole sizes, and also maintain good surface finish quality and accuracy at greater depths.

The modern applications need an EDM drill that can drill up to a depth of 300 mm and hole diameter as small as 0.30 mm with negligible variations in size and straightness from its entrance to exit point in the work piece.

Surface finish

Surface finish is critical in several modern applications such as aerospace, medical devices or high-end electronics. The superior surface finish also helps to eliminate post-processing of components thereby reducing the costs. Before purchasing the EDM Drill, make sure you can achieve the expected surface finish quality.

Efficient cooling, better heat control over affected areas and flushing

Control over heat-affected zones is important to achieve the surface finish that is comparable to the one’s attained on wire EDMs. Given the small diameters in EDM Drilling, flushing of the material removed from deep inside the workpiece is also important. If the EDM Drill has a high-pressure coolant and flushing systems, it takes care of taking away both, the heat and material removed.

Latest spark control technology

Check for latest controls which enables precise spark control also helps to reduce electrode wear. For optimal productivity, it is pertinent to ensure the drilling of more holes from least number of electrodes. Lesser wear of electrodes also leads precise and consistent drilling.

Consistent and straight Drilling

Get machine that provides consistent drilling, keep in mind uneven wear of electrodes leads to electrode’s tendency to “walk” off centre, resulting in bad and angled holes instead of straight ones. Because they help reduce wear, supper high-pressure flushing system prevent such scenario and contribute to producing straighter holes.

Trust Sparkonix to achieve your need of deep, small and precise drilling

With Sparkonix EDM Drill you can achieve hole making accuracy at highest level. The Modern EDM drilling machines dramatically increase your shop floor’s capability to consistently produce small holes that are accurate with higher quality surface finishes.

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