Sparkonix’s customised EDMs to serve your specialized applications!

Sparkonix is a leading manufacturer of Electric Discharge or Spark Erosion Machines and has been leading the way in multiple applications across industries. One of Sparkonix’s highly innovative solutions in this domain is fully customised EDMs for specialised applications. The customers asked for it! Sparkonix offers a full range of EDMs catering to a variety of needs and applications. However, post 2000, many companies, especially MNCs, began manufacturing highly complex dies and moulds in India. Several companies approached Sparkonix with their specialised needs, which were highly difficult to perform on the standard EDM models available in the market. Customers trusted Sparkonix’s deep expertise in the spark erosion technology and commissioned the team to develop custom-made EDMs to serve their specific applications. Advantages of Customised EDMs Customised EDMs from Sparkonix offer several unique advantages to the users: Lower cycle time Custom EDMs come with specially designed fixtures/holding tables, di electric tanks and sparking systems that significantly reduce the set-up time and cycle time as compared to standard models. Better finish and accuracy Custom EDMs are specially designed keeping all the unique needs of the process, and include provisions to place, hold and shape the job as required. Higher productivity Additional automation and customised programming in the EDMs means better productivity for the customers For the love of technology “The challenges in customised EDMs are totally different as compared to standard EDMs”, says Shailesh Patwardhan of Sparkonix. Customising the EDMs opens-up many new possibilities in terms of innovative features that create unique advantages for the customers. “At Sparkonix, we just love taking up these new technical challenges and that has been the driving force in building the customised EDMs, year on year”, adds Shailesh. Some examples of customised EDMs by Sparkonix include:

  • Special purpose EDM developed for one of India’s largest pump manufacturer to machine through almost inaccessible places in stainless steel components
  • A Custom EDM for a highly specialised machine tools company to manufacture twin screw extruders, critical to the operation of the machine.

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