6 Reasons where EDM Drilling wins over Conventional Drilling

EDM Drilling once was looked at last resort for drilling of holes but is now one of the commonly used technology for its faster and precise drilling, consistently.
In today’s blog we look at the core points which differentiate EDM drilling from conventional drilling

Holes on curved and spherical surfaces

In a conventional method of drilling, When holes are to be made on Curved, angled surface, Drill at times slips of the surface, to avoid this fixture is needed along with guiding bushes.

When it comes to EDM, contactless drilling is done. The electrode contacts the material only during the entry and not in the drilling process, thus eliminating the tool pressure normally experienced when drilling on curved or angled surfaces. This is useful for drilling straight or angled holes in surgical or medical grade tubing through one or both sides.

Tuff and Hard Surfaces

Conventional Drills cannot drill through such materials; they are too hard for them. EDM Drills can actually drill through almost any material including steel or carbide. Flushing technology flushes away small eroded parts and enhances Speed and Accuracy.


Soft Materials

When the material is soft it can have the tendency to produce chips that are sticky in nature. These chips are at times very small and can stick to the electrode. Whiles with EDM constant flushing of such particles take place which helps in ensuring perfect, speedy and accurate drilling.

Deburring and Surface Finish

Conventional drilling leads to uneven surface finishes and also creates burrs. Deburring holes drilled by conventional methods can take longer than the drilling. EDM drilling never creates burrs. It also achieves smooth surface finishes. This burr-free drilling saves time and labor and is especially crucial when difficult holes are being drilled.

Deeper Holes

Drilling small, deep holes with conventional methods is often extremely difficult if not impossible. EDM drilling is often the only practical method for producing such holes. As conventional drills enter or exit, they can break if torque is not carefully controlled.

NO Broken Drills

Small broken drills is one of a big flaw when it comes to conventional drilling, they are often difficult to remove from the workpiece, We end spending a lot of time removing those or lose the part and scrape it.
EDM drilling, Torque conditions don’t exist as electrode never touches the part, thus prevents broken drills,

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