Sparkonix invited for a workshop on latest trends in spark erosion machining

Sparkonix’s team was invited by Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions, Kolhapur, to speak at a workshop on “Current Research Trends and Scope in Electrical Discharge Machining.” The workshop focused on awareness & knowledge up gradation among student about EDM Machine Technology and its applications in Hard die shape development.

Speaking ot the students, Mr. Sudesh Durugkar, from Sales department in Sparkonix, highlighted the industry’s trend towards larger dies and demonstrated capabilities of Sparkonix’s EDMs which can perform machining for moulds up to 5 T. Mr. Ashok Zalki, from the Service department briefed the students about advancements in technology and mentioned Sparkonix’s revolutionary concept which allows operators to register service calls from by scanning QR codes from their cellphones.

The day-long workshop held on 17th March 2018 was attended by over 100 students from the engineering college.

With a huge installed base of EDMs, Sparkonix regularly partners with leading educational institutes to train and mentor technical stundents for the industry.

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