S 35 Manual+ | ZNC


Max Electrode Wt.50 Kg
Max Job Height275 mm
Daylight (With Electrode Holder)295 mm
Shut Height95 mm
Throat MinNA
Throat MaxNA
Pump Motor0.5 HP
Dielectric Tank170 Liters
Filtration – Vertical10 Microns – 2 Nos
Net Weight1000 Kg
Machine Floor Area1500 X 1500 (Micro)  2200 X 1500 mm (ZNC)

Pulse Generator 35 A  
(Manual – Microprocessor)

  • Soft touch keypad
  • Digital display hand pendent
  • Arc-less EDM machining
  • High speed jump function
  • Low electrode wear
  • Fine surface finish
  • Intelligent pulse control
  • High speed Z Axis lift

Pulse Generator 50 A

  • 20,000+ program storage
  • 10 segment auto editing
  • DC Servo Motor
  • Auto-adjustment for unstable discharging
  • Industrial class PC-BASE controller
  • New DOM type memory
  • Auto reset of machining conditions in case of Power-off

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