Adopting, Evolving, Excelling!

EDM Drill Machine

Adopting to the changing business environment and evolving quickly to excel has been a mantra behind the success of Mr. Vijay and Chandrakant Khadgi who head the VRC plast Moulds (India) Pvt. Ltd. Their growth is characterized by a strong urge for delivering highly qualitative mould and dies. This is evident from the awards they have been honoured with. The jewel in the crown being the Mahindra Pancharatna award for Quality excellence.


Shortened product life-cycle and heightened customer expectations at customer end means that mould making time has to be reduced by almost 75%. In fact, meeting aggressive timeline and yet passing stringent quality checks is the new core-competency in mould making.


Since 1999, when it was founded, VRC has acquired big names such as LG, Videocon, Mahindra, Whirlpool and Haier as their customers. They have plants in Pune and Nagpur which cater to some of the biggest OEMs in the Indian auto sector. They are business veterans and are quick to introduce themselves as: “Today, as Tier-I vendor of OEMs, we have evolved into making speciality plastic components for a range of applications”. Excerpts of the interview with the founders:


Changing expectations of your customers?

In terms of quality, earlier, people just looked for a good fit. But now customers check whether the component is as per drawing, even if it fits in perfectly. Aesthetics, too, has gained a lot of importance. Back then, mould making came with lot of hoopla. Now, customers are ready to pay the price if you can match the timelines and quality.


What’s your take on Chinese or Taiwanese machines?

The lack of service, especially in places like Nagpur, and a lot of fly by night import-dealers, means it is just not possible to trust imported makes from China or Taiwan. Also, generally, Indian machines are far better when it comes to rigidity.


On Choosing Sparkonix:

We wanted an EDM which had a stationary bed and the provision for X-Y axis movement for the Electrode with job holding capacity of over 1 Ton. Only Sparkonix’s EDM had the features that met our technical requirements, affordably.

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