The Ageless Beauty

EDM Drill

Catering to the tooling demand of a 150 year old auto component manufacturer WABCO, for 25 long years consistently is a tough task. Ask what is even tougher? To start a company from scratch and to take it from a job shop earning 10000 per month to a tool house clocking more than a crore rupees in turnover. United Industries and its founder Mr. Joseph deserve to be applauded for supplying critical tools to Wabco India (Previously TVS Wabco).


Competition has increased in tooling industry, delivering value at the least possible cost is the key to success


Mr. Joseph says “We depend on our ‘zero- maintenance’ spark erosion machine purchased from Sparkonix in 1995. This machine is an ageless beauty, it has been running from last twenty years, for all three shifts, it needs virtually zero maintenance and whatever we have expected out of it has been delivered.”

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