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EDM Spark Erosion Machine

Mr. Sadiq Pasha had acquired ample expertise in running an EDM with around 20 years of service with a major drill-bit manufacturing company. That is when he took the big decision in his career of becoming an entrepreneur.


That’s how we define an entrepreneur:

We found a whole new streak of the entrepreneurial attitude in India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore. Mr. Sadiq Pasha of TBSN drills was working for a major drill-bit manufacturer whose products were used in the boring and mine-exploration.

After about two decades of service there, he found a very specific solution that could help the company make tedious repair of the drill bits easy. He had found his idea. This was in 2005 when everyone was not known to jump into a venture, and buying a machine for repairing the drill bits was expensive but the will and the courage of Mr. Sadiq Pasha to make his idea work, led him to Sparkonix. He bought a Metal Arc Disintegration machine from Sparkonix and is catering to two major drill-bit manufacturers today.

TBSN today helps them reduce their repair costs at the same time satisfying their customers by making the boring operation a cost competitive one.

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