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EDM Spark Erosion Machine

A few companies can take the pride in saying that they touch peoples’ lives every single day. Steer does it through its presence in polymer handling industry. They manufacture the most critical extruder machines which are used for churning out the mixtures which make up a huge array of products from plastic consumer durables to automobile parts. Steer was founded by a visionary technocrat, Dr. Babu Padmanabhan with a mission to provide world-class machines to the rapidly growing plastic industry in India. Today, the company has offices around the globe with a team of dedicated experts ensuring that the company steers the world ahead as goes their motto.


Preventive maintenance is the least that Sparkonix SPM requires. We haven’t had any glitches since the day it was installed


Steer’s products require internal twin screws which are essentially long cylinders with helical grooves machined over them. These twin screws can vary in length and the pitch of the grooves is very critical for the functioning of the extruder mixing the polymer in powder form before injecting. If not maintained within required limits the dimensional accuracy of the twin screws not only affects the mixing efficiency of the extruder but also damages the equipment. Steer chose Sparkonix to build a special purpose machine to manufacture the heart of their world class systems: these twin screws. Mr. Karthik in charge of the maintenance department at Steer overlooks 100+ machines. We spoke to him about the performance of Sparkonix SPM.


On choosing Sparkonix:

We trusted Sparkonix for one of the most critical operation in the manufacturing of an extruder. Tolerances here are in microns and an error will not only affect us but also hamper the process of our customer. The EDM-SPM developed by Sparkonix delivers 20% higher MRR as compared to other EDMs that we have been using. At Steer, our focus is on reliability-centered maintenance and this machine has fared well on that criterion. Preventive maintenance is the least that it requires. We haven’t had any glitches since the day it was installed.

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