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EDM Drill Applications

SN Tools can easily be mistaken for any other small tool die making company at least from the humility and the grounded attitude of the man in charge Mr. Amulya Mishra. But their specialty of being the suppliers to the country’s critical defense sector players such as Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd. (HAL) and DRDO makes them stand out. SN Tools was founded by Mr. S N Mishra in 1984 and since then this company has been one of the ancillary units of HAL. Very few companies are trusted for manufacturing specialty tools for these companies of national repute and SN Tools is one of them.


Defense and Aeronautical is a critical sector to cater to, Support from Sparkonix has helped us achieve the high quality and productivity demands of these sectors


In 2012, when SN Tools was using traditional technique to drill holes in one of the components for HAL they were facing delivery issues. The process of drilling was a bottleneck. An engineer from HAL recommended them to go for Sparkonix EDM Drill. “We bought the first EDM Drill in 2012; I remember our earlier production was as low as 10-12 components per day. With Sparkonix’s machine, it has increased multifold to around 150 components per day. We are now in a great position as far as delivery is concerned, thanks to Sparkonix”. Mr. Amulya Mishra who added another EDM drill to his manufacturing facility proudly says: “I recovered my investment on these machines within a year”

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