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EDM Spark Erosion Machine

Cummins India was established in 1968 and the rest is history. From exporting engines to the key markets to establishing an R&D center to support all of the Cummins businesses globally, Cummins India has become a strategic unit in the portfolio of this American business behemoth. Cummins fuel systems facility in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India is the place where those amazing red power houses with a trademark ‘Cummins Diesel Systems’ are manufactured. We met Mr. Shitalkumar Dhole who heads the maintenance function at this facility.


I prefer maintenance friendly machine. Graphical Control Systems help an operator a lot and complete labeling on the machines make it easier for troubleshooting.


Mr. Shitalkumar has a rich experience of 16 years and has deep understanding of machine tools. He has worked with companies like Mazak India, Bajaj Auto. “I think Indian manufacturers need to catch up with the foreign players in the machine tool industry as far as technological advancement is concerned” he says.
He has been looking after the two EDM Metal Arc Disintegrators at Cummins Pune. “Sparkonix’s service is good, and the machine quality is decent as well. As far as mechanical robustness is concerned we have not had any issues with Sparkonix EDMs till date”.

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