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EDM Drill Machine

The Deming Prize is considered to be the highest award in Quality in the world. For a company that has acquired the habit of winning this prestigious award, quality goes beyond theory. It gets ingrained into their thinking so much so that it is reflected in every practice they follow. Mahindra group has begged this prize thrice; twice for the farm equipment sector. Serving such a company in their effort to provide the Indian farmers with the latest in farming equipment technology is certainly a feather in our cap.

We value the longevity of the machine and its consistence in performance. For us, cost is secondary.

Mr. Ratnakar Sawant, the head of maintenance – transmission assembly at the Kandivali facility of the company is a perfectionist who has been with Mahindra since the last 19 years. According to him, focus is what brings out the best in you. His strong adherence to this personal motto makes him the go-to guy for all the maintenance issues on the shop floor.


What matters in the procurement of machine tools?

I go to suppliers who are confident about their technology. While procuring machines, we give priority to fulfilling performance requirements. Next, we focus upon reliability. The level of safety and service-quality also play a major role.


Your view on improving maintenance as a practices:

I think, some companies look at maintenance as a peripheral activity. This is like looking at fire department as an overhead. It is a big mistake. We need to value machines which are easily maintainable moreover we need to understand the value of expertise that is required in the maintenance department. Finding insightful maintenance technician is a challenge these days. The solution, according to me, is to invest in training of workforce and making the workers capable of delivering value.


How do you look at Chinese and Taiwanese machines?

For companies that rest upon the quality of products they deliver, I would not recommend these machines as the first choice. For small companies who want to make shift arrangements they might serve the purpose but when it comes to consistent, critical performance we value the longevity of the machine. Cost is secondary.

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