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Electric Discharge Machines

The sprawling campus at Kirloskarwadi, in the Sangli district in Maharashtra, is enough to tell you that Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. (KBL) stands for age old mastery in Indian engineering. The legacy of 127 years of accomplishing challenging tasks and achieving amazing engineering feats has empowered every engineer at Kirloskar with an intellect of a technical wizard.


Being a special purpose machine, performance was critical for us. Sparkonix’s service team with its terrific technical expertise simplified the task.


When KBL needed to manufacture a specific component with operations on the inaccessible surfaces, they were looking for a machine that could deliver the results at competitive cost. Sparkonix designed a special purpose machine to drill holes in the stainless steel component in the most inaccessible of the spaces. The operators of the machine were provided on-site training followed by unflinching support and unhindered services to the crew responsible for the critical task at hand.

The results now speak for themselves.

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