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The compacting die used in manufacturing a powder metallurgy component is a challenge for every die maker as it involves intricate geometries and high precision necessary for reliable functioning in critical systems like automobile transmissions, engines, turbines, etc. Samy Engineering, from Chennai India has been delivering their promise of crafting these shining marvels for companies like Greaves Cotton Ltd, Areva, Southern Agro Engine Pvt Ltd., and many others since the last 16 years.


In a Spark Erosion machine, we look for two things in a machine – HIGH ACCURACY and ZERO MAINTENANCE.


As Mr. Nandan, head of production at Samy puts it: “The challenge for us is not the product itself but the time in which it has to be delivered and finesse that is expected in the geometric features.”


When he took the critical decision of perfecting the dies in-house, he was looking for a trustworthy partner who could provide spark erosion machine that would support Samy in its quest to deliver highly precise dies at affordable cost. Sparkonix supplied the first EDM to Samy in 1998. Later, as Samy acquired bigger clients and the production increased, the partnership grew 15 years older and 4 machines stronger. “We are planning to buy a fifth one soon” informs Mr. Nandan. “Performance of the machines is spot on and there is no room for complaints regarding the service provided.” tells the ex-army man who says the machines are very obedient in terms of responsiveness to the operator.


How do you look at the Spark Erosion Machines market?

There are many players in the EDMs marketz. Some have been there for decades together but we look for two things in a spark erosion machine. First, high accuracy and second, zero maintenance. There are many companies who claim that their machines are advanced, reliable and efficient but in my twenty years of experience I have seen their use being restricted only to preliminary rough work.

EDM Drill
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