07 Apr 2015

Presenting the latest in EDMs

Caring for the Environment! With our products reaching out to 32 countries and delivering results for more than 5000 customers, Sparkonix felt a responsibility to listen to the smallest needs of our customers. We sensed that the concern for the environment has deepened and our customers were making a great effort to reduce their carbon footprint and pass on a greener planet to the next generation. We decided that we should do our tiny bit.  We built three eco-friendly features in our most popular product – Electrical Discharge Machines. It’s a true moment of pride and honor to present to you three new features which make our EDMs environment-friendly! If your mobile and laptops can be put on a sleep mode, why not the EDM? power-saverThe “Power Saver” feature does exactly this. No need to fret over the operators not switching off the machine when it’s not in the process.  The machine is smart, to switch itself off. If the EDM is left unattended for a specified time in the set-up and post-operation phase, it stops drawing power and switches to sleep mode. These small savings in power will go a long way not just your relentless efforts towards green tomorrow but even in terms bringing down your electricity bills. Reducing Waste, Saving Costs… waste-reductionThe oil is already causing enough ‘spills’ to play spoilsport for the efforts of environmentalists. We decided that we must not add more oil to this burning issue. We set on a task to cut down the oil consumption in our EDMs. By focusing our design to optimize the reserve tank capacity, we were able to reduce the quantity of oil used at time in the operation by more than 33%. Hazardous waste reduction is an area all industries are exploring for a safer planet, and we did our small bit!   Strong Material, Robust Machines completely-reusableProducing steel from recycled material saves 75% of the energy needed to produce steel from virgin material. That number is big enough to avoid all the lures of using non-recyclable material like plastics or fiber composites in our product. When we promote the use of completely recyclable material, in actuality we are promoting recycling. When we recycle, we are reducing the need to consume natural resources through mining and forestry. We might not get the carbon credits, but we are doing our tiny bit to get credits from the future generations for clean earth.


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