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EDM Drill Machine

Motherson Techno Tools is a part of Samvardhana Motherson Group, one of the largest auto component manufacturers in India. With over 140 plants, 65,000 employees and presence in 25 countries, the Group is one of the fastest growing and dominates the auto component supply eco system.

Motherson Techno Tools Limited (MTTL) is a joint venture between Samvardhana Motherson Group and Sumitomo Electric Industries (Japan) (SEI), for the manufacture and sale of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) and Polycrystalline Diamonds (PCD) Cutting Tools. Sumitomo Electric Industries is the world leader in the field of CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) & PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) Cutting Tools.

In machine tool vendors, we seek partners who are keen to work with us to drive better performance, together.

Mr. Dhawan has been working with the Motherson Group in different capacities for more than a decade now. He comes with three decades of rich experience in manufacturing with key responsibilities at companies such as Mahle Group, Daewoo Motors and Escorts. Sparkonix’s connection with Mr. Dhawan goes back to the Escort days, where he had first seen the EDMs in action.


What are some of the key trends in machine tools?

Of late we are feeling the need to optimize our manpower. We prefer automation because an automatic machine helps us control the labor costs and reduce the human errors. We are making investments in high end automation for this very reason.


And specifically, what are your plans for EDM machines?

Well, our task involves cutting diamonds and carbides which needs very robust and accurate machining at all stages. Currently we are using wire cut EDMs from Walmar, Fanuc and Mitsubishi. We have an EDM Drill from Sparkonix. We plan to add one or two machines in the EDM portfolio in view of our expansion plans.


What are the challenges for 2015?

As far as industry is concerned, the pressure to reduce price is huge. Thanks to our niche products we were in a sellers’ market till recent times. However, with greater competition in the market even players like us have to maintain our edge and be on our toes. Reducing our input costs is another area to focus.


Your take on Chinese and Taiwanese machine tools:

Till now we have not bought any Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean machines. We have been using machines mostly from Japanese or German manufacturers. From the 50 odd machines that we have in this facility, we just use a couple of machines from Indian manufacturers that include Macromatic, HMT and Sparkonix.


What would you say to Indian machine tool manufacturers?

Partnership is the key. We have partnered with some machine tool manufacturers to provide data, structured feedback and help improve the design and performance of their products. Machine tool manufacturers must reach out to their customers and strike partnerships to gain insights into ways and means to develop a better product. As customers we are always happy to give feedback.

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