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EDM Spark Erosion Machine

50 international branches on all 5 continents. 20 subsidiary companies. 40 sales and service centers and 10 production locations worldwide. It’s quite a feat to achieve all that with just 1500 employees.

Komet Group has done exactly that with its 1500 solutions experts spread around the globe. We bumped into one such bright Komet engineer and we discovered the secret of how they deliver such highly precise tools with such consistency. Komet have been using the spark erosion machines from different brands. Sparkonix pulse generators have breathed a new current into one of them.


The secret of selecting the right machine lies in a single stringent, all-encompassing criterion.

Based at the beautiful contemporary factory in Bangalore, that houses the Indian subsidiary of Komet, Mr. Veeresh Babu heads the maintenance department at Komet India. He is a thorough practitioner with around 13 years of experience and a natural love for beautiful machines. His association with Sparkonix is merely a year old but this man who is in charge of 55 machines is impressed with the first impression Sparkonix machine has created. He tells us how the secret of delivering a right solution lies in starting with the foolproof and an
all-encompassing selection criterion he applies while selecting machines.

“First I look at technical specifications as a primary criterion then comes operator friendliness, because it is difficult to get skilled operators today. Ultimately I give importance to the service support and the trouble shooting ease of the machine”.

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