Inspiring an Indigenous Star

Electric Discharge Machines

When the Indian prime minister says that ISRO managed to get to mars with one ninth of the cost incurred by NASA, he is honoring the Indian ingenuity that we are celebrating with this yearbook. We are proud to have touched the mission to mars through one of our loyal customers in Rajkot: Surelia Wire Cut Pvt. Ltd.


“Sparkonix is the seed behind Surelia Wire Cut and today this seed has transformed into a huge tree representing the power of Indian engineering capability”


When ISRO announced that a specific part was required for the critical operation of calibrating the special rays from the black bodies, even the global experts were hesitating to accept the job because of its design complexity. The job’s most critical part was to create 910 pyramids on a metal block. All the pyramid were to be hollow from within and have a wall thickness of just 1mm. Mr. Minay Surelia, of Surelia Wire Cut, took up the challenge and delivered the job at an astonishingly optimal price. The internal surface accuracy and finish of the pyramids was achieved with Sparkonix’s EDMs.
Mr. Surelia proudly says that “Indian indigenous companies are capable of delivering world class performance. We need to believe in ourselves and keep raising our bar. Supplying to Mangalyan (ISRO’s Mars Mission) is a testimony of Indian ingenuity”.


Mr. Bakul Surelia was inspired to start his own company when he saw a Sparkonix EDM in one of the factories he had been to in the early days of his career. His sharp business acumen sensed the opportunity of creating a specialty business around the process of spark erosion. He purchased the first machine from Sparkonix in the year 1999. “I have purchased a Sparkonix machine every nine months since I bought the first one. Today I have 12 EDMs; each one is the witness of my story from a small shade to being the preferred vendor of ISRO. Sparkonix has actively supported me in all ups and downs of this journey”

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