14 Dec 2018
EDM Drill Machine

IMTEX 2019 – EDM Drills from Sparkonix lead the way…

Easily Drill Holes of Diameters from 0.3 to 10 mm Depths Up to 300 mm

Sparkonix is the largest Indian manufacturer of EDM Drills. Sparkonix’s EDM Hole Drilling machines include several advanced features to deliver high-performance levels for your operations.The EDM Hole Drilling models come with versatile capabilities that support numerous critical applications, across industries and provide the highest payback for your investments.


– Start holes for wire cut EDM
– Gas escape holes
– Drilling in superalloys and tungsten carbide dies
– Drilling operations for spherical shaped, curved and tapered workpieces
– Ejector pins, cooling pins of pen moulds
– Air vent holes for forging die

Rust free, high strength Stainless steel bed
Open work tray
Linear Motion guideway for Z axis to ensure high accuracy linear travel
Direct drive plunger pump in Stainless Steel body
Variable pressure setting for Coolant from 0-100 kg/cm sq. depending on the need of workpiece
Stainless Steel accumulator enhances quality in deep drilling



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