Super Drills The German Secret

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Mr. Sarvanan, a veteran of thirteen years of work in this German company shared a few secrets regarding his outlook towards the machine tools in India.


Today, no one expects excess of anything – neither life, nor performance. Do not invest in over engineering solutions. To stay competitive, focus on reliable performance at the best price.


A German company that supplies tools from Aircraft to Automotive and Energy to Engineering industry is not a novelty, but a hundred years old institute of German technocracy that caters to its customers with tooling as a solution certainly is. Guhring India is a 100% owned subsidiary of this German company which has been serving customers like Bosch and Mercedes in India.

The drill bits produced at Guhring India have to be provided with holes for coolant passage during the drilling process. This is where Indian precision meets German skills. The process of drilling holes with high precision in Tungsten carbide is what Sparkonix Super drills do; adding the Indian twist of cost effectiveness to German engineering. Mr. Saravanan Nagaraj has seen this machine at work since last three years. “Service is the forte of Sparkonix and the cost at which they complied with our German standards was amazing” he says.

EDM Drill
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