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Kishore Industries is a renowned manufacturer of plastic injection moulds used in a variety of applications. Mr. Jugalkishore Kabra started the company in 1986 which today counts some of the biggest automotive companies such as Varroc, Mahindra, Bajaj, General Motors as its key clients. With the capability to manufacture over 300 moulds per year, averaging one mould per day, Kishore Industries promises some of the shortest delivery time lines in the industry.
Jugalkishore is a Mechanical Engineer with 30 years of extensive expertise in critical and large scale mould manufacturing. He speaks to us on the trends in manufacturing, machine tools and his experience with Sparkonix.

Decoding success in mould manufacturing

Quality and turnaround are key to success for every mould manufacturer. Even the smallest rejection or rework leads to delays and adds-up to direct and indirect costs for the customer. Constant upgrade in technology, skilled manpower and processes are critical to matching the shortening delivery time line.
Advanced technology such as 3D printing etc. is potentially useful to develop samples/prototypes. However, it will take a few more years to become a part of mainstream manufacturing.

Choosing Sparkonix

We have set very aggressive goals in terms of faster delivery of moulds. For instance, we take about 25 days to manufacture a highly complex mould as compared to the industry norm of 45-60 days. Our relentless focus on faster delivery of moulds creates numerous benefits for the customers. Currently, we use Sparkonix’s EDM Drill and ZNC EDM which deliver a performance to meet our aggressive delivery goals. The quality of equipment is good and the finishing achieved is consistent.

Above all, we have got timely support from Sparkonix’s service team.

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