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Tool Room Machines

In 1975, when Durga Plasto Metals was started to manufacture dies and moulds in a small town of Ahmedabad little did he know that this town will be India’s next manufacturing hub. He brought the spark erosion technology to Ahmedabad with the first machine from Sparkonix in the year 1983. Mr. Mukesh Shetty, Technical Director at Durga Plasto Metals says: “Sparkonix has worked with us in the the true spirit of partnership-being responsive to the smallest of our needs and converting them into their product-features”.
The first EDM bought 22 years ago still continues to deliver amazing performance.


Mr. Shetty believes this can happen because “Sparkonix has put a lot of thought in designing of the machine and the efforts they take also shows up in the service


What are the trends you are seeing in the mould and die industry?

Initially competition was less but today it has intensified. Only those machine tools which can deliver the demands of competition driven market such as speed and precision are preferred. Secondly, Chinese companies have entered and distorted the business landscape. The low cost of these Chinese machines is a trap and we Indians tend to fall for it quickly. A smart manufacturer knows this and chooses longevity of the machine over small-time gains.

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